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There! Cat’s out of the cardboard castle. The work you see below is the accumulation of 3 and a half months of production with game design docs that are older than that.

This game is yet to be titled but for the time being we will call it ….


It takes place in the same world as ‘Legend of Fae’ but will feature an entirely new story and new cast of characters.

We don’t have a release date in mind but Fae Tactics is meant to be a shorter production.  Kyron and myself are working full time on this and the style of graphics really allows us to move much faster while really enjoying the creation process. We are still pretty early into this one but would like to share development posts again soon.

Fae Tactics is being developed in Game Maker and the target platform is PC.


More posts to come.

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The massive(fun) task of fulfilling a Kickstarter reward.

Ever wondered what it’s like to fulfill a Kickstarter reward where you promise everyone you’d do a unique drawing for them?

We  Kickstarted Valdis Story back when the popularity of Kickstarter hadn’t hit it’s zenith yet.  We thought 8k was going to be very difficult to attain. To make some of the reward tiers more attractive we offered custom drawings in pledger’s art books. We thought it would be just a handful of drawings. To our surprise, we were funded way beyond the 8k we asked for and it turned out to be a lot more than just a few drawings. It was more like 89 drawings.


From the start, we knew we didn’t want to just do the same drawing 89 times. I’ve backed some Kickstarters where a drawing was promised and the drawing seemed like it was replicated. I understand the difficulty of the task but we both didn’t want that for our backers. While doing the same drawing means everyone gets the same exact piece of art and it’s fair… it just doesn’t seem as valuable as everyone getting a unique drawing that no one else has.  Also, it was way more fun for us to try to think of a new drawing every time.

In the spirit of trying to deliver our rewards in a timely fashion and to get back into the swing of development, we sat down for one weekend and pumped out these drawings. It was Kyron, myself, a stack of freshly printed art books, materials and of coarse, a lot of pizza.

I knew I was never going to see them again so I took a picture of each piece before we shipped them. These drawings have never been shared before, so hope you enjoy them. If you backed us, you will see the drawing we did for you in this group. It was one of the most fun weekends ever, so hope you liked your piece.

Behold, one weekend of pizza, markers and 2 game devs.

While we don’t really need the financial assistance of a kickstarter at the moment… I’d so be down for a drawing weekend like that again.

P.S. There’s a couple of pieces with a Demon Dog. There was going to be a demon dog in the game but his asset file got corrupt and he never made it.

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We aren’t dead but we certainty haven’t been making any posts. So, here’s a quick update.

At the moment we are working on a smaller project. The main purpose of this project is for us to have fun developing it.  We are a bit burnt out on Valdis Story. It was a huge undertaking, one that we are very proud of but it was also pretty damn exhausting. Completing it took around 3 years. We’d like to develop games for a long time so we have to move on for now before we choke each other out.

How is this new project going to be more fun for us to develop?  As you might have seen in our previous production posts for Valdis Story, the game was higher resolution than normal which meant all assets involved a tedious process to create.  Our next game is a much smaller, less graphically intense project that will allow us to concentrate more on game play and will be a less stressful production process.

It’s also not going to be a platformer. I know we probably attracted a lot of new fans but if you’ve been paying attention to the games we’ve worked on before, then you know we never worked on the same genre twice in a row. Not that we won’t, but it’s really refreshing to design for entirely new systems.

I hope you’ll enjoy our upcoming posts about it. There’s no set time frame for it but it will be a hellova lot faster than Gilda’s patch!


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