Quick Reminder – Steam Summer Sale Still Going!

Endlessfluff Games are at 50% off right now on Steam’s Summer Sale. Plus it’s a good reason for me to draw Vladyn trolling Wyatt.


Valdis Story 50%

Legend of Fae 50%



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Free Gilda Wallpaper

I’ve finally finished that Gilda Wallpaper I was working on! Feel free to use it as a desktop image or Print it out in High Resolution. I learned a bunch from these wallpaper illustrations, they have been very fun and challenging experiences. Enjoy


Just a reminder that Valdis Story is still on sale over on Steam.  Aside from that we are still working daily on patching the game and getting the updated build up on to the other portals. Thanks for waiting on that.  Yesterday, I wrote a blog post to our kickstarter backers with a little bit of a recap. If you are bored, you can go read that here.



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35% off on Steam this week


Hey people of the blog,

To Celebrate this Patch we just released,

 Valdis Story is 35% off this Week on Steam!

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