Marching On

So looks like the days have flown by since the last update. Time to break the silence.

Dropping News

The status of the Valdis Story update is… we’re only waiting for a few more assets but after that we’ll be done with all content. When that happens, the update will launch a Mac build and include both Vladyn and Gilda. That’s right, the next update will have both characters. No year long wait for Gilda! That’s not even including all the other stuff we put in there. Exciting, yes!?

Extended Album

Valdis Story coming to a close also means Zack completed all tracks for the game. In fact he’s just released the expansion album for sale. Have a listen over here then gently open your wallet and violently throw money at him until he can’t handle it anymore.  No really, there are 10 tracks on this and it’s pay what you want. Zack is a crazy kid. Pay the dollar dollars.

Lines and Scratches

In the meantime, I’ve been working on another wallpaper. This time it’s for welcoming Gilda to the game. Here’s a sneak


That’s all for now!

Thanks for hangin’ in there!


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Yes, we are alive-

We have heard the inquiries from all the way high atop the cliffs of Facebook down to the underbelly of the far-reaching Twitters. This day we cry out that all that is Endlessfluff Games is well and alive! Patience has been much appreciated in these dark days. We have been battling the Demonic Bugs of the language of code that has plagued our lands. It is an infestation where killing one would allow two others to take its place. It is dreadful indeed my friends, but through perseverance and digital sweat, we will reclaim our lands! Our glorious efforts will then be released upon you!

Oh and happy Snow-pocylypse from the Northeast!

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A Pit Stop Post for Some Art

This is a very short update but it contains goodies.

It’s a Wallpaper!

I know everyone is waiting for the update and we’re working nonstop to finish it. At this point we’re playtesting it, breaking it, and fixing it. While you wait, enjoy this illustration I painted to celebrate the coming of Vladyn.  HAVE AT IT!

vladyn is coming

Wallpaper Download Sizes

A new tune!

Are you pumped? Because Zack  also finished another track and it’s fantastic.  Our musical needs on Valdis Story are minimal these days.  If you’re an indie, in need of music send him a line.

See you next time~


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