I’m making a quick update since there’s some comments about the switch port and I want to talk about it. There was also a Nintendo Direct today. I remember we had one fan on twitter who was always excited for those because Fae Tactics might pop up. It was so sweet but kind of makes me a bit sad. Ports are hard.

Since my last update where I talked about the struggles, nothing has happened. We hit a wall. There’s no update on the switch port and there’s no plans for the 3rd party developer(porter) to continue working on it. I’m so sorry if you’ve been waiting for this.

As for the content update to Fae Tactics, it’s nearly complete. We’ve bumped into some issues and are trying to iron them out before release. There is no release date for this update yet. I can tell you it’s a free update, so everyone can enjoy it!

Other than that we divide our time with some other things. I hope we can share it all with you soon.

Hope you’re warm and cozy!


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17 Responses to Heyo!

  1. johnedvard says:

    I understand that porting is difficult, sorry to hear about that. Do you have any plans on making a release for macOS?

  2. Gabriele Depedri says:

    really glad that you are stil working on Fae Tactics. I’m sure you will be able to takle the porting challange and be victorious!! in the meanwhile I’m stuck on the final boss of Legend of Fae 😥 any suggestion about how to get it down? I tryed many time and still did not find a suitable tactic. I want to see the end of the prequel story!!! (I tryed to cheat looking for a video of the ending, and there are none. So I MUST finish the game!!)

    Also really excited about any news on other possible project/side project your team are now working!

    • Caro! says:

      Oh, man! Could you believe it’s so hard to remember past games we worked on :
      Did you try the steam forum? There might be someone there who can help. That’s neat you are digging your fingers deep into the history XD It’s just been a while for us.
      Also can’t wait to let you know of our future plans 🙂

      • Gabriele Depedri says:

        I can understand 😀 I do not even remembrer a mail I sent 10 minutes earlier for work 😛 I’ll try steam forum and excitedly wait for your next post!!

  3. Сan the publisher cancel the requirement to port the game to the Switch if he sees that nothing is happen? Or are you now obligated to release the game to portable console anyway?

  4. Parrot says:

    Hi there,

    An update for Fea Tactics? And for FREE? That is a pleasant surprise. I am being spoiled . I Would like to replay the game some time in the future. Will there be new achievements? Since 10 achievements seem too little in comparison to valdis story 77 achievements. Could you give a hint about what the update about? Endless mode maybe? Boss rush? What is it?
    Good luck on the switch port, It would be done eventually like everything in life.
    Thanks for your future reply.

    Many thanks,

  5. Chimaobi says:

    Always great to hear from you guys Hope you are keeping warm and cozy too, and that the wee one is growing fine. Excited about the next project, I know it’s going to be a blast no matter what it is.

  6. myhr2 says:

    Cheers guys! Sad for the port, but “c’est la vie” :(. Excited for Fae Tactics update, the game has a nice little rep on Steam, hope you all are doing well!

  7. Dia Darko says:

    So sad. I never have time to play anything but Switch these days & I was really looking forward to this. Sending my energy to you guys, hoping that some good news surfaces on this front!!!

  8. Jalashuk says:

    I was looking forward to playing fae tactics but alas looks like I’ll never have the opportunity.
    I think you are missing a huge market by not affording a port to switch. Can’t imagine how it wouldn’t pay off investing more.

    • GREGIO says:

      agreed! i think it has a golden opportunity to be THE must play indie strategy RPG on Switch… so sad. and it seems like the devs have moved on to a new game, which I get it — burnout is real, but there are so many people out there that still don’t know about Fae Tactics. the game was released and forgotten… 😦

      • Caro! says:

        Yes. Personally, I agree- the switch would have been a great platform for it. We’re still at the same standstill we were at before in terms of the Switch build. We did our part, passed it off to be ported but being blocked by an issue out of our and our publisher’s control.
        I’m not sure exactly what it is that has led Fae Tactics to not reach many people. Maybe, oversaturated market (so many great games out!), maybe tactics games are very niche and that means a smaller audience? Maybe people crave a more easy-going experience right now? Either way, it’s always been our goal to the games we really want to play and I think we did great on it- I totally love Fae Tactics! And I love seeing people enjoy the things we loved putting in there. We did get quite fatigued though like you mentioned. We need something fresh to tinker with right now. Haven’t posted anything on here- sorry about that! Still at the standstill with the switch.

  9. Vinegrows says:

    Every few months I do a search to see if there’s been an update on this topic – I’m a Mac user and Switch owner so unfortunately I haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing this game. Nevertheless, I know I will one day because I can tell I would absolutely adore it! If the porting issue never gets resolved I will have to build a PC – lol! I am fervently sending my well wishes toward a resolution of the problem, I just know the game would be devoured by the Switch’s tactical RPG fanbase. Just look at the hype surrounding Triangle Strategy!

  10. Bask says:

    Hey Caro, thanks so much for all the updates. You must get so tired of answering the same questions haha.
    I’ve been watching out for updates for the Switch port religiously, lol. I’m not on PC or Mac, and fell in love with the art style and the look of the game play since I first saw the trailer. plus, I always love supporting indie game producers! Ever in my optimism, I’m still living in hope it will one day arrive on Switch haha. All the best with whichever current projects you’re working on. peace

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