What happened with the Switch Port of Fae Tactics.

I would have liked for this post to be the long-awaited Fae Tactics Switch release post.

It’s not and I’m sorry. I know many people have written to us about the status of the switch port and all I could ever write back was “It’s in progress, wish us luck”.

To make our games we use a program called GameMaker by Yoyo Games. We write the story, design the game mechanics, code, and create art.

After many hardships, a baby, and nearly empty pockets while making this game, we were lucky to partner with Humble Bundle to complete Fae Tactics. It wouldn’t have been possible without their funding. Porting was a part of that deal.

We were not handling the Switch port ourselves. We were working with another developer to get this done. Unfortunately, there was a technical issue causing performance problems on the switch version. It brought the production of the Switch port to a halt. Until the issue is resolved there is no switch port.

I know it’s not fair to have had your hopes up high and then dropped like that but you deserved an explanation. I was hoping that Fae Tactics would be the first of our games that we get to see on console. Everyone always asks for Valdis Story to be ported and this game was supposed to be a lot easier. I’m not even the one who worked hard making a million changes to try to get the port done. There were no weekends or breaks for Kyron, during the whole process.

Aside from that the game has been so well received and I’m so thankful for those of you who have written reviews to share your opinion on our work. In the weeks after release, we didn’t even take a break. We prioritized addressing immediate bugs and quality of life issues that players reported. We’ve since then have taken a break but…

we have an update coming soon that I hope you’ll enjoy.

Thanks so much for taking an interest in our projects. I hope to write here soon about the new thing in the works.



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21 Responses to What happened with the Switch Port of Fae Tactics.

  1. Parrot says:

    Don’t worry ,miss, PC port is good enough for me and many more. The switch version would be release eventually. I truly thought the switch port is easy to convert from PC port and i guess things aren’t this simple. Good luck in your game developing adventuresses.


    • Caro! says:

      Thanks. Yes the struggle is that switch is not as strong as a persons PC. We also thought with the updated engine that it would be easier. I hope the issue is addressed. In the mean time, stuffs a brew’n

  2. @JayDzed says:

    Thanks for the update, and thanks for all the time and effort that all f you put into this (and previous) games.

  3. Gabriele Depedri says:

    Porting are tought expecially for console I assume. I’m sure you will continue with the good work! In the meantime I’m playing Legend of Fae to complete the background on Fae Tactics. Also super Excited for the update!!

    • Caro! says:

      You know that is so neat you are actually playing the original. That one was our first attempt at making a commercial game. So many memories! I’m glad that it made us enough to quit our job and work on Valdis Story. I love all of our characters and how we evolved them over time. I hope you enjoyed the story bits you found!

      • Gabriele Depedri says:

        I am not a puzzle game enthusiast, but your mix of puzzle and RPG combat is so unique I really fall in love with it. Your gamplay and story choice are always top quality. I did not finish it yet because after the 40th level things are getting really though, But I like the challange.
        Still hoping that you will make some day a full version of Nimbus sky Princess (with full screen support!!). I think that it’s really a gem in the shooter genere.
        I will hope you will continue on this path of game development for many years to come!
        in the meantime, marry Christmas and happy new year (a little early but these kind of messages are a little like traditional mail, a little slow and who knows when it will reach you 😉 )

        • Caro! says:

          That is so cool that we won you over with Legend of Fae haha! It’s a funny little game because Kyron and I aren’t casual gamers but at the time we really thought that was the only thing that would make us income. However a few months into it… we just had to make it a little more to our liking. ;D
          Sky Princess Nimbus was probably the most fun game to make because it was a very short production. I’d have fun working on an extended version of that.
          Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too! (I’m trying to reply to you guys a bit quicker!lol)

  4. While waiting for the port of Fae Tactics to Switch (although Switch and games for gamers in my country are very expensive and I don’t have it) I play on my smartphone via Steam Link. It turned out to be very convenient to play Fae Tactics through Steam Link. Player can use plug-in gamepads or mouse simulation via the touchscreen (almost like in regular mobile games).

    …I wanted to show a photo where FaeTactics dispay on a smartphone, but WorldPress does not allow posting pictures or links to pictures…

    I can’t even imagine what it would be like to simultaneously port the game and fix constantly discovered bugs. I hope you succeed.

    The developers of the CrosCode game also faced a performance problem when porting the game to the Switch. But in my opinion they found a solution in the form of some kind of code interpreter. But their game works on HTML5, and therefore the solution may not be suitable for GameMaker at all.

    …I wanted to insert a link to the CrossCode developer blog, where they talk about porting the game to the Switch, but WorldPress does not allow posting links… (But you can search “CrossCode: Upcoming Updates, DLC and Console Versions!”)

    • Caro! says:

      Wow Fae Tactics on the smart phone through steam link. I’ve never seen that. Thats strange you can’t post a picture . I wonder if it’s my settings.
      Thanks for telling me about other devs struggles. Sometimes it seems like it’s just us and it’s draining. I know people would truly love Fae Tactics on Switch. Also sorry for the late reply here, Alex!

  5. Chimaobi says:

    ’tis how it goes. Any chance of a Mac port after the Switch port?

    Really hoping for a DLC as well, but I get it if that does not happen. Hope you, K and the little one get enough rest and quality time.

    • Caro! says:

      We are good, enjoying the occasional warm day that we can go out and steer clear of others these days lol. I hope you doing well too. Ok, we are a bit burnt out on this game to be honest, but it’s nice when ever someone says they enjoy it! There is an update coming and we are cooling down and chillin’ out. As for Mac, there isn’t exactly a plan for that right now- all works getting pumped into finishing this content update.

  6. myhr2 says:

    Aaaaw, I was kinda thinking about buying the Switch port after 100%ing Fae Tactics on PC. 😦 But developpment and creation are hard, mad respect for all the gems you’re making. I wish you three all the best in the world!

    • Caro! says:

      So sorry to disappoint Myhr!! It has been very disappointing to us too. So many people were very excited about it and I feel so terrible to let them down. Kyron put so many hours and late nights and code rewrites into the port. I hope it gets resolved. Have a happy Holiday season !

  7. miggfo says:

    I’m sorry that that’s been so frustrating for you. I wanna say thank you for everything you’ve done and I sincerely hope you’re take plenty of time off after working so hard. Overwork easily becomes a serious health problem and burnout affects both health and work.

    I’ve really enjoyed Fae Tactics. I always appreciate your innovativeness with games and the wonderful aesthetics you put in games, and I really enjoy Fae’s playstyle variety and how the way you control the game makes it faster and smoother while still having a very rich game.

    Also, not super relevant to this thread, but I thought I’d mention that I really enjoy the demons in Valdis and the Fae in Fae Tactics. I really enjoying seeing playable and good/neutral nonhuman characters in games, I like seeing things like redemption arcs, themes of coexistence, overcoming grudges, and so on despite things like jarring appearances and misunderstandings and so on. I also just think horns are really cool, LOL.

  8. Nexnecis says:

    Any switch news or is it officially dead now?

    • nikolai says:

      ^^ditto. any way we could get a hard YES it’s coming eventually or NO? just so those of us who are holding out can know for sure because at this point it seems like a maybe.

      also would be interested in hearing more about the upcoming update for PC as it’s been a while!

  9. Nuad Nadie says:

    I’m here because I’m waiting for the switch port too. Fae Tactics seems the perfect game for a handheld console so when I heard the port was in development I started to wait for it. It’s been a couple of months and I don’t know if I have to buy it for PC and forget about Switch or just hold a bit more. ❤

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  11. Anthony says:

    Any chance to get the game on Switch? Let us know 🙂

  12. SamStallion says:

    Also holding out for a Switch version! I play more portable than PC since a lot of the greatest tactics games only came on portable.

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