Still Here!


Hey, I’m back for my weekly check in and this week’s news is, well it’s pretty much the same as it was last week.  Still testing out the game, making sure the over all experience is great and making tweaks along the way. At this point we are working together with our publisher Humble Bundle to make the best product we can.  I hope no matter what, that you can stay excited for Fae Tactics  while we wrestle with this final stage of development!  Anyway aside from game testing, tweaking and improving the over all experience I also made some art for Sam’s music credit info at the start of the game:


I would love to tell you more but it has to wait. Until next time!




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Halloween Update!


Happy Halloween!

I hope you had some sort of fun today! Roxie turned into Kiki from Kiki’s delivery service. We went out trick ‘o treating and it was so windy here she actually almost flew away!

Anyway, I want to keep my promise, so here is a simple update for this week.

Playtesting… Playtesting… Playtesting.  It’s not a very exciting update except that all three of us have been sick and coughing since last week. So Playtesting… honey lemon tea…. Playtesting… honey lemon tea… Playtesting.  There’s been a lot of tea. We’re still a bit sniffley but getting better and with all the playtesting the game is also improving.

Thanks for sticking around- See You next week!



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Fae Tactics update. Finding Bugs!


Hello, our most dedicated fans!

First, thank you for being so patient.

It has been way too long since we last posted. As of this moment the game development mostly consists of playtesting and bug correcting. All content is in and just has to be tested for experience.

This go around is different. We have the help of Humble Bundle, our publisher. So we have a QA team going through the game in its entirety and reporting bugs to us. I can’t tell you how much having a publisher has been helpful in that regard. Especially for us … we are two game devs … and a baby. Even with their help we’ve been playing it a lot to find anything we can too.  We still find things! I always am happy to find something wrong  but of coarse it’s not such a joyous occasion for Kyron lol! Either way the bugs are trickling in less and less.

There is some exciting news on the horizon… for one… a release date which is still planned for this year!

I know it can be pretty disheartening to see a dead blog. I just didn’t want to write the same thing over and over…. But why not? I promise to update you at least once a week now. These most likely won’t be huge updates, just check ins.

We are excited about being near the end of development! We are also just  pretty exhausted and living the frugal life!  It’s funny when we started this game we thought of it as a small little game. “A pixel art tactics game, it will be faster to make than Valdis Story!” But we sort of fell in love with it and it just got pretty big.

Anyway that’s all for now- Talk to you soon!



PS: If you haven’t already  Wishlist Fae Tactics on Steam and let your friends know!



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