One day there were three tomatoes walking down the street, a mama tomato, a daddy tomato and a baby tomato. Baby tomato is walking too slowly, so the daddy tomato goes back, steps on him and says ‘ketchup!’ 

We we were pretty active on social media in the month of March so here’s a bit of ‘Ketchup‘.

These updates were done on Twitter and Facebook.  Sidenote:  I have a twitch, where I ‘ll be play testing and doing some art. 

  • We updated an in game illustration of Peony summoning her units.

  • New concepts were painted- Here are 3 tile sets concepts. The first one has also already been sprited and new levels have been made from it.

  • New Concept for one of our Characters,  Erisolde!

  • She’s also 100% animated and implemented. She’s not the only one. A lot of new enemies and npcs were also put in.

Peony, Payachin, Chico, Erisolde, Orowantus, Pichon

  • Here are some recent gameplay gifs.


So here’s the  burning question… When is it going to come out? We originally said Early 2019. We are passed the Early 2019 already… You know what the devs like to say ‘ It’s done when it’s done!’.  We have not slowed down or taken any breaks and can’t really afford to until we finish. Sorry we don’t have a solid answer but you will play this year.  Most likely we will be able to inform of a release date within at least a month or two of releasing. The best way to keep track is to….

Add it to your Steam wishlist for updates on release-


Thanks for the support- Also if you have any questions, feel free to ask!



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Hello 2019!


Hey happy New Year and Happy Lunar New Year! Hope your year is shaping up nicely and if it is not great yet, you have a lot more of the year to turn that around 🙂

There might be less activity on here from us but there certainly is activity on the development front!

The game is  moving forward with most recent developments being testing controller support. Other than that, we are still working on the usual. As we play, bugs are found and squashed.  On top of that there’s just the continued development of the game. We’re working hard on new areas, enemies , characters and story.  While an expected release date is still unknown we are working pretty hard to get this game out this year.  Wish us luck!

If you are reading this, Thank you so much for your continued support.

Fae Tactics Now has a STEAM PAGE and if you are waiting for its release, it would mean a lot if you added it to your wishlist! Click the link below:

>>>>Fae Tactics on Steam <<<<

Thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you next post!



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December Update

It’s been a while since the last update and a lot of things have happened in the passed week. First off, some important news – We are working with Humble Bundle as the publisher for Fae Tactics!  We have been partnered for a while now and it has really been great for the project so far.  They are giving us the support we need to see the project to its full potential.  


Secondly, this passed Saturday (Dec.8) Fae Tactics was part of Humble Bundles upcoming games of 2019 montage for the Kinda Funny Games Showcase. Yep, you heard it Fae Tactics is coming to you next year!  If you missed the showcase you can watch the video here  or click the image below to be taken to the twitch stream.


The Humble Bundle montage starts a little after the 37 minute  mark, but there are a ton of other cool announcements if you have time to watch the whole show. Check out the clip we put together for the showcase below.

If you’re wondering why we didn’t update sooner or give a heads up about the showcase, it was because of this…


We were busy preparing for Roxie’s first BIRTHDAY!!! So things were pretty hectic on our end but fun times were had by all. See you at the next game dev update!

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