Humble Weekly Bundle


 Valdis Story is part of this week’s Humble Weekly Bundle. The Bundle’s theme is ‘games with female protagonists’. Check it out and if you know someone who’s into but hasn’t picked up any of these games throw them a linky. You’ve got a day and some change left to pick it up. Go!

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Blogpost Tapas Style.

I have a blog post for you that resembles Spanish tapas more than anything else. What we have here is a wide for variety of delicious news snippets since I know we’ve left you a little hungry for updates as of late. It’s probably not everything you want to hear but at least it’s to tell you that we are alive and heavily working on Vladyn’s update . Hey, that’s part of the reason there’s were no updates really.


1. New Website!


First bit of tasty news, we have a new website! We’ve far out grown our old site, especially since we haven’t even updated anything on there at all. Now the game homepages and blog will be in one place.  It hasn’t interrupted Vladyn’s update at all, because…

2. Here Comes a New Challenger!

There’s fresh blood on the battlefield. We’ve needed a bit of a helping hand getting things done around here, so we acquired a freelancer! He’s working along side us to help us with production tasks, webdev, and anything we really need.  He’s a long time friend, and we’ve worked with him at other companies. His name is Khoeun, AKA Fish, AKA KTEP, AKA Clam Shucker, AKA Crab Crusher.  He’s the reason we were able to update the site without interrupting Valdis Story’s full time production.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

3. Enemy Concepts Continued

In the last blog post I shared the design process on new enemy development. We’ve made a lot of progress since then. Scroll below to see what the in game sprites look like for the enemy in the last blog post and a look at a whole new one. Some of you pointed out how it’s very different from the other enemies in the game and you’re right. The zone that’s coming out in the next update doesnt have Angels, Demons or Ferals. It will have a new enemy type.




4. Updates on Vladyn

We don’t have a date for Vladyn’s update but there’s a lot of new stuff coming along with him. We’re getting pretty close. It’s been longer than expected so apologies about that. Here’s some Vladyn screenshots.

CropperCapture[466] vladyn_2


5. New Tune

Zack recently finished up Vladyn’s new theme. Give it a listen-

6. Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the Mac build coming out?      The Mac build will be bundled with Valdyn’s update.  Note: This will be the first time we develop anything for Mac so we don’t expect things to go smoothly. Bare with us and thanks for being extremely patient on this front!
  • Will you port to Playstation, Xbox, Vita, ect.?  Should we be able to port, any and all ports will have to wait until all content is complete. That means Gilda and Vladyn versions. To be honest, even though we love the idea, we’re hitting game dev fatigue with Valdis Story so we really appreciate the inquiries but it also depends on the economic feasibility and ease to produce said port.
  • Translation? Again this is much easier when all content is complete( Gilda and Vladyn Patches). Implementing different languages is a tedious task. Having a third person on hand in the studio does make this easier.
  • Can I make a let’s play video of Valdis Story and put ads on it? YES. One million times, YES.
  • So, like,  when will the Vladyn update happen ? Sooooooooooon but no date, sorry! Keep a look out on here for that kind of info! Remember, this isn’t dlc. It will just be updated with the game you already own.


That’s all for now. At some point I’d like to get us back to updating weekly but we’ve been concentrating on finishing the game.


ps: this blog post was brought you by my love for the food in Dragon’s Crown.

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Valdis Story Enemy Development via Sketches

This post should give you a glimpse into my thought process. The subject is enemies for a new zone.  Don’t get too excited, 80% of this stuff is not going to get used and will end up being a casualty of concept art. I’ll point out what does get pushed forward.  Part of the reason why I love designing is that I push my hardest to make something really awesome despite the limitations.  However, no matter how cool an idea is, pushing that hard will mean I’ll eventually have to pull back on my design.  Sometimes an idea won’t fit  because it doesn’t go with the theme of the area or the design is overly complicated and needs to be simplified or sometimes it just won’t jive with game play.  But damn it, I like having fun so here’s a bunch of scratches on paper that led to an enemy design.



Here’s a rough start.  I throw around a bunch of idea until I get something I like. I don’t want to give away too much about this zone, but you can see my general thinking was hooded/ cloaked, specter. The small inked image on the top was my favorite idea in this group and it’s the direction I head in next.

I redraw the small black doodle from the last page for more ideas.   Not too happy with it the details or 'cool parts' in this design just won't translate well on a game screen version.  Plus it's too dead space and in general not 'old world ' enough.

I redraw the design from the small black doodle on the last page. Not too happy with this one. The details or ‘cool parts’  just won’t translate well on a game screen version. Plus it’s too ‘Dead Space’ and in general not ‘old world ‘ enough.

I go back to what I liked about the original thumbnail design and start thinking about movement and game play roughly.

Inspired off of the last drawing, I attempt some variations.   Though I like them both I go with the wolf pelt version. Though in a perfect world, they’d both be in game.

And here’s the color concept. She came a long way from the cloaked characters on the first page.  Even though I’m only focusing on one enemy in this post, I was designing many at the same time.  That way we have a solid idea of the enemies in this zone as a whole. Cheers!

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