From Concept to Life ( Tagu pt.2)

This Wednesdays update is a continuation from last week. Just a quick look at how the concept sketch is changed into a sprite concept. The sprite concept simplifies the shapes and silhouette of the original concept into something that will be a lot more readable at a small size. Before next weeks update I will post the 3d model of Tagu for animation before paint over.

In KICKSTARTER news, we’re approaching the end of our campaign. We are currently at the 30k mark. These have been exciting times for both of us! In these last days, we’d like to offer higher pledge Tier if there is enough interest for it.

For 350$  you’d get all of the rewards in 150 pack ( Name an npc , preorder, pins, key chain, shirt, artbook w/drawing and art print) but you’d also get a 5 inch tall statue of Wyatt:

Do you recognize the awesome 3d skills?  It’s from our very talented friend, the awesome Nick Kuijten- you may remember  his work from when he did a 3d sculpt of Legend of Fae here (and if you can’t get enough he’s got more stuff here).  Nick strikes again!

Anyway, the only way we can offer this as a reward is if we are sure that there will be more than just a few to produce. If not  it would cost too much! So if you’d go for the Statue Pack take the poll and tell us so. If not, then just admire Nick’s craftsmanship with me! Thank You Everyone!

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3 Responses to From Concept to Life ( Tagu pt.2)

  1. thetimbotron says:

    Wow that looks great.

    FYI, I don’t think you’ve chosen a Title for your blog, when it comes through via RSS it says “title unknown”.

  2. Annie Lowery says:

    Intteresting thoughts

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