From Concept to Life ( Tagu pt.1)

Time for a Wednesday update.

I will try to alternate between ‘residents of the abyssal city’ posts and this type which I am calling ‘from concept to life’ to give a better look into how I create enemies from concept all the way to their final version in the game.

For this I will be using Tagu the juggernaut. Tagu will be the first angelic boss I will be putting into the game.

The first step is a concept sketch of what I think Tagu should look like. While making the sketch I keep in mind things to make sure he looks like he fits in with the other angels while also making him a unique and recognizable character. One of the things we wanted to emphasize with the designs of all the enemies is that they belong to unified armies, either Angelic or Demonic, and not a bunch of random enemy units. After the sketch I do a couple of fast drawings of actions/animations to get a feel for what I want the character to do. On the next post I will show how I refine the concept sketch into a sprite concept that takes into account the proportions and colors used in the final game before making the low poly 3d.

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4 Responses to From Concept to Life ( Tagu pt.1)

  1. Lurkermeyer says:

    In the Valdis Story demo, the Angels were more human-like. The soldiers, the snipers, the healers all looked more or less like guys with wings and armor. It’s interesing how the Angels in Valdis Story AC look a lot more alien, with intense face masks and unusual designs. I think it’s a cool shift, it helps strengthen the game’s style.

  2. With that face mask, I’m nicknaming him “Tagu-Lego”. 🙂

  3. BunnyM says:

    Okay, that’s a suitably ominous looking boss, and I really like the angelic styling too. I look forward to eventually beating him in-game. (Though probably not on the first attempt.) =)

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