Valdis Story on Kick Starter

For those of you that have not heard of Kick Starter, it is a way to fund the development of creative projects. As of today we have just launched our current project “Valdis Story: Abyssal City” on Kick Starter in order to help fund it’s development. You can find our project here…

If it is successful we will be able to dedicate ourselves to it’s development full time with no worries, meaning more regular updates and activities here and a faster turnaround time for the games development since we will not have to periodically do freelance work and push the schedule back.

We will post once every Wednesday with updates on Valdis Story Development and on it’s Kick Starter Progress.

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3 Responses to Valdis Story on Kick Starter

  1. Legend of Fae is in my top five favorite PC games of all time, so I’m happy to pledge to help support you guys. For anyone else reading this: please consider giving even just $1 to help two entrepreneurs in this economy!

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