Take up Arms!

We didn’t expect to have to make an update so soon, but the overwhelmingly awesome support we received for our kickstarter campaign means we are going to have to step things up. As an extra thanks to all of our supporters we will be adding an extra weapon for Wyatt into Valdis Story A.C. And You guys will get to select it. I have made 3 concepts over the weekend that you guys can vote on. So with out further delay lets see the contenders.

Grand Mace:
This big boy is all about power. The slow speed and limited combo capability is made up for by it’s massive attack potential. It really shines when you use its charge attack by holding the attack button. The longer the charge the more powerful the attack, but take care to time all of your attacks or risk leaving your self open to a beating.

Bow and Dagger:
This versatile weapon set works with ranged and melee combat. Tapping the attack button will use the dagger, which has much shorter range then the sword but has better critical strike potential. Holding the attack button will use the bow for long ranged attacks. Instead of arrows this bow fires mana bolts so be sure to mind your resources or you could find yourself without enough mana to cast spells.

The Whip:
This stylish homage to everyone’s favorite vampire hunting family, has better range then the sword, but weaker damage and combo potential. With proper positioning and timing, the expert whip user can land that whip swing in just the right spot to allow it to hit twice. It is also good with dealing with those pesky aerial enemies.

So now go vote for your favorite, and may the best weapon win!
Voting will close on April 27.

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20 Responses to Take up Arms!

  1. hbokhari says:

    Bow and Dagger all the way XD. Can’t wait to try this game out, it would be cool if we could beta test it for you, I know there are some people with some awesome attention to detail (myself included).

  2. Im a huge Castlevania fan so it had to be the whip, hope this gets the most votes ^_^

  3. Michael Kelly says:


  4. Lana Zhao says:

    bow and dagger is badass, but the whip is sexy!

  5. wiiandthekid says:

    Le whip

  6. Dave says:

    Fast weapons always better. Whip it upppppppppp.

  7. zelgaris says:

    Also huge Castlevania fan, so whip is the only option

  8. ikkakuju says:

    Congratulations on the kickstarter success!
    Hoping for bow and dagger myself. It’s not a set of toys I often have the opportunity to enjoy.

  9. William says:

    Bow and dagger.

  10. Simplexcity says:

    Yeah id like the bow and dagger too,

    but does that mean the others wont make the cut either?
    cos that whip is pretty cool, and totally castlevania

    • Kyron says:

      It’s takes a long time to animate all of the attacks and balance them for a new weapon. So in order not to push the schedule back too far we are only adding one. If we have time at a later date we will hold another vote for a different set of concept weapons.

  11. Oura says:

    One more vote for bow and dagger 😉

  12. RomanTheEvil says:

    The bow and dagger animations look sexy. Whip is kinda bland =/ sorry Castlevania fans.

    So yeah I vote bow and dagger. Unless charging mace long enough would cause nuclear (or close enough) explosion, in which case I’d vote mace.

  13. Whiterabbit-uk says:

    Got to be the whip for me. Love the bow, but whip me quick, lol

  14. Scott Price says:

    I like the variety of options with the Bow and Dagger. Cool tradeoffs! Yes, I was a Diablo Bowazon.

  15. Devon says:

    Big, slow, hard hitting weapons ftw!

  16. I really like the whip, if only for the unrealistic hope that you can add some platforming mechanics with it. Hopefully it has a late surge… wielding a bow AND a knife seems like hax…. one weapon at a time, buddy!

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  18. BunnyM says:

    Gotta say, the whip (and Castlevania shout-out) is damn cool, but I’ve gotta go with the bow&dagger option as just that bit cooler overall.

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