Valdis Story A.C. early prototype first look!

A bunch of the back end stuff for all the equipment and items Wyatt can get is already done but not visible. Only one enemy programed so far but he has the skeleton for all enemy A.I. If i turn up the enemy level variable he already does different combo attacks and maneuvers, but I left it at lv 1 in this video. Combat feels really good and smooth right now. Going to put in the spell casting mechanics sometime soon.

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5 Responses to Valdis Story A.C. early prototype first look!

  1. Daniel M. says:

    The animation looks great and the battles seem fun enough (they were pretty good in the previous version). I hope you can make a great game!

  2. Aztec says:

    Looking good. Very fluid.

  3. Jamiri says:

    That´s outstanding! I feared that Valdis was dead. This is going to be an incredible platformer!

  4. LovelyError says:

    I loved the original Vladis, but this looks amazing too.
    Hoping this one will actually get completed. Vladis Story is amazing fucking game, hoping you’ll continue the awesome work!

  5. LovelyError says:


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