Steam and Legend of Fae like Peanut Butter and Jelly… together at last.

We are pleased to announce that ‘Legend of Fae’ is now available on Steam! This is very exciting news for us since ‘Legend of Fae’ is our first commercial game and being on Steam is any Indie Developer’s dream come true!  Thanks everyone for the support! Also thanks to Joe of VGsmart and Aki and Ed of RenderDragon.

One last note: The Forum is down! (Cue disaster music) In a rush to fix my spam registration problem on the forum …. I broke it. Sorry! I am working very hard right now to get it back together.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to retrieve the previous posts or members, so I hope my original members will come back! I’ll have to make up for this. I’ll let everyone know when its back up!

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22 Responses to Steam and Legend of Fae like Peanut Butter and Jelly… together at last.

  1. khaloodh says:

    I discovered this game through Steam (try getting someone to say that with XBLIG… hah!). It’s cool you have a demo available unlike most other recent games. Downloading it right now.

  2. Josh Arman says:

    I bought it today but it crashes on launch 😦 I hope I can fix the problem….

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  4. Kotarou says:

    Hi there! Bought the game, love it to bits!

    One odd problem, though – when I open the Steam Overlay in windowed mode, it stretches outside the window of the game. It also affects any screenshots I take with Steam (ie. the game appears in its own 1024×768 box at the top left of the screenshot, and the rest of the screenshot (1680×1050, my desktop resolution) is black.

  5. AJ, Lord of Chaos says:


    it’s good that there are still small, innovative developers out there bringing us fun stuff like terraria or recettear. I miss hose kinda games from the large companies. Just downloading the demo (sloooow@10kb/s), the video on steam looks quite nice. Hope to see many more games of you guys. The gaming community needs people like you.

  6. Chantelise says:

    This is such a good game! bought it off steam yesterday been addicted ever since! keep em coming guys! 🙂

  7. Hey guys,

    I would like to say great job. I purchased Legend of Fae on Steam and love it. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was a Game Maker game, and you did a great job with it. One of the highest quality games that I have seen to come from the engine. I do have some minor gripes. Typos in a game being sold is not going to earn you points. RPG Maker RTP sound effects, BIG no no. Replace them as soon as you can before you get dinged for licencing on those. If I can recognize them so will someone else. Those kinds of thinks should have been polished out before a retail release. And last, the no vertical swapping. I know you guys have already defended this one until you’ve turned blue, but I still need to get my two cents in. If you’re going to keep it this way you need to make it clearer that you can only swap horizontally. I spent far too much time at the beginning of the game trying to figure out what key I needed to press so that I could change it to vertical swapping mode only to find online that you can’t. If did read your reasons for the limitation. If you do ever consider changing that part of the gameplay, perhaps you could only allow vertical swaps if it results in a match 3. And to keep the one click method, maybe pressing shift will (or some other key) will shift it to vertical swap. Maybe it could be an upgrade. I would hate to see the bejeweled fans that purchase the game (which will be most of the buyers on steam) to be alienated due to a lacking of this feature. Anyway, I just want to say again that I really do like the game, I think you’ve done a great job. Keep up the great work. The game is beautiful, the characters likable and the programming is solid.

    • Kyron says:

      Thank you for your comments and feedback. It’s good that you don’t hold back on the swapping mechanic feedback. The more times something mentioned the more it will stand out when we consider things on future projects.

      • Aaron says:

        Well, I’m currently a video games design student and upon my recent completion of your game I’d have to say that I have zero complaints. In fact i think it has to be the best Indie game I have ever invested in…ever. The vertical swapping is a nice Idea but as it stands the game has a beautiful sense flow for the slow paced RPG style game that it is, I personal feel adding a vertical swap by way of an extra key press could result in the game feeling a bit more clunky and thus could reduce its current level of Aesthetic appeal. Which I must say, is very nicely high. As far as I see it I think your current formula is flawless. Nice simple mechanics and the games complexities stemming from enemy encounters and strategic choices as opposed to how you move the pieces around. Beautiful clean art style, clever innovative mix of RPG and match 3 gameplay which I never seen the likes, and that beautiful nostalgic (and superior) style of story driven game-play where you reward the player for his or her last sequence of victories with a nice big juicy clump of story-line, all the while it being tempered by smaller interactions in between. A truly beautiful game. And thank you for it. I can see why It made Steam, (even though I bought it directly from here so I could be insured you got your money.) 😀 😛 hehehe!!! 😀 😛 And I’d pay it again too, Hell, if I could pre-order the sequel now I would!!! xD hahaha. Thank you very much again for this wholeheartedly wonderful game. 😛 It was awesome. 😀

  8. TheDaydreamer says:

    Is anyone unable to complete level 40? Everytime I try to take down the Ice Queen’s hp, the gate starts spitting out blue mana orbs at her and the shield on the gate doesn’t come down. I used a fire spell to bring her down both times so maybe that’s it.

    • Kyron says:

      Each time the gate revives Dierdre it cost a quarter of its health. Unlike the other gates this gate can not heal so it has a set amount of times it can revive.

      • TheDaydreamer says:

        I see. Thanks for the feedback! I’m not sure if the gate was actually losing health though since the framerate was really bad when the orbs started coming out since I couldn’t see its healthbar at this point. I’ll try it again. Thanks again!

  9. Great game 🙂

    Any chance you will be releasing the sales figures?

    • Kyron says:

      Thanks for the comment. We had not considered releasing the sales figures but we will think about it for later news updates.

  10. I’ve been trying to get through the level with the Ice Queen (level 40 I think), but as soon as I take out the Ice Queen, the gate starts spitting orbs at her. Right after that the game slows down to half its original speed and the graphics in the attack screen are stuck under this pile of blue orbs so its really hard to see what’s going on. Is there a fix for this or so I just have to struggle through it?

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