July 31st PC Release Date Announcement !

Hi Everyone!

Clear your calender, July 31st is it!

14 DAYS!

After all the things we’ve went through as a team and a family making games, we are so excited to finally have Fae Tactics release just around the corner. I hope that it brings you as much joy as it brought us making it.

Fae Tactics coming soon!

Thanks for all the support over the years and for following our game development.



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13 Responses to July 31st PC Release Date Announcement !

  1. Gabriele Depedri says:

    I’m really excited about your new game. Really loved all your games (played every one, mayby not finished because not good enough expecially sky princess) I will always follow your work, because you always find some new novel concept and execute in an intresting way

    • Caro! says:

      Thank you for playing all of our games. I don’t know many fans who have played the full library of things we’ve made. I wish I could show you the really old things we made before we ever thought we’d be able to sell the things we make. I hope you will really enjoy this one since there are references to Legend of Fae. Thanks for staying with us since the beginning 😀

      • Gabriele Depedri says:

        already tried the demo last month, I played other tactics game but almost always left them after a while because there was too much complexity involved (so many menues and option!!!!). I find the menu-less concept really intresting and after the demo I’m sure the game will be a blast. Keep doing your good work! I will wait for your next endeavour too!! (I’m sure you will come up with somthng intresting in the future)

        • Caro! says:

          So happy to hear that you enjoyed it! From the beginning it was the plan to try to make a game in the genre with less time navigating menus and more time making meaningful decisions. I’m glad you enjoyed that part of the design 😀

          • Gabriele Depedri says:

            last question: will there be a DRM free version of Fae Tactics in the humble store? Like with Valdis Story. I am a supporter of the DRM-free filosophy. I will buy it anyway expecially to support your hard work.

  2. Parrot says:

    Finally! looking forward to it.

    • Caro! says:

      I know! Finally- we didn’t mean to keep it away for this long but it’s definitely a lot better then if we were to have release it when we originally wanted to. I hope it brings some joy to you! Thank you !

      • Parrot says:

        I am a big fan of “Valdis Story” it’s a master piece. I never felt like the development of “Fae tactics” is taking too long since i have other many stuff to do in real life.
        But i trust in your dev team artistic vision and sure about my enjoyment of the game.
        Thanks for the quick reply by the way.

        Many thanks,

        • Caro! says:

          Such high praise for Valdis Story! Thank you!
          Fae Tactics definitely took longer than we anticipated- so many things happened in our life while we were making it. I’m glad you are not upset with the delays, though. I hope you are doing well and can’t wait for you to play 😀

  3. Mightfo says:

    I always look forward to your game designs- you’re comfortably in the top 10 game designers I’m most excited to see new things from. Thank ya’ll so much! Good job launching the game, and I hope you get some good rest soon and take care of yourselves.

    • Caro! says:

      Wow thank you that is very nice of you to say. It’s sort of insane that you say that at all. Looking back when we were teens (late 90’s/early 2000s) we loved games from Japan. We didn’t really know of westerners making games besides Blizzard. (We were console gamers). We played around with game making software and we made mock ups or screenshots that would look cool in a pretend magazine. We pretended to be game developers as a fun hobby to play. Our logic, we weren’t in Japan so it wasn’t actually possible for us to make games. That was a very long time ago before “indie” was a thing. To say that you think we’re comfortably in your top 10 is something I wouldn’t even ever imagine.
      I do hope we get to rest! Thanks!

      • miggfo says:

        Regarding EndlessFluff being on the list of devs I look forward to the most, the key things that stand out are:

        -The innovativeness that allow for some key design goals, like making TRPGs faster to play and more accessible

        -Lots of gratuitous subsystems that add flavor, excitement, and design space.

        -Having lots of playstyle variety- ie how different characters are in valdis, what sorts of things you can do with substems like +teamwork for AOE heals, etc etc.

        -Lack of super obnoxious things in the overall design, such as grind, overly narrow ways to beat bosses that pigeonhole you into certain playstyles, certain forms of repetition(such as bad backtracking, or mindless filler fights, or overly repetitive core actions), heavily intrusive contradictions in a game’s design, etc.

        It’s not necessarily about making the best or biggest games, but about making games that i’m like “Wow, what interesting things will happen with this?” which is my main criteria. It doesnt mean I expect your games to be in my top 10 games of all time, because i’m talking about still active devs and my top 10 games tend to be dominated by insane amounts of replay value and certain games with momentum from being sufficiently old(GW2, MTG, Gundam VS, etc), but yeah.

        Also, I really love the aesthetics in your games. Very colorful, fantastic variety in terms of the people/creatures involved, and stylized without going too far into an extreme like being minimalistic on shapes or something.

        If you’re curious, some of the other companies on the list for me are:
        ArenaNet (GW1 and GW2 both have clear, bold design visions that achieve huge things and they continued to add immense design innovations, and the technical innovations that helped put GW1 on the map are impressive)
        Blizzard(they get criticized heavily for both strong reasons and exaggerrated reasons, but there’s still some things i heavily appreciate about their games, like wow’s class gameplay designs and innovations like overwatch’s gameplay-oriented sound design)
        ArcSystem Works(mostly for their character gameplay designs, they’re really good at exploring fighting game design space)
        Technically Wizards of the Coast for MTG’s yearly design forays although that’s not a video game strictly speaking
        Amplitude Studios
        Supergiant Games

        I’m also really excited to see what Mega Crit does next after Slay the Spire. Theres a few other indie devs like that who could be on the list but they’ve only made one games, so it’s hard for me to gauge them. And of course, it’s not like I’ve played every game or anything lol, so there’s probably a few i’m overlooking.

        Bethesda and Bioware used to be on the list but they’ve had a big lull, maybe their next games will do very cool things while being decent.

        But yeah. I wish ya’ll well!! Thanks so much and good luck with everything you do. I will promote fae tactics to my friends some more.

  4. Loo says:

    Man I feel you guys are really underrated. Valdis Story was amazing and I can’t wait to play Fae Tactics after I finish Ghost of Tshushima. Kudos I hope sales will go well you deserve it!

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