Fae Tactics OUT NOW!

We are pleased as punch to announce the release of our 3rd title Fae Tactics for PC! We’d like to take this time to give a HUGE thank out partners that helped make Fae Tactics what it is today! Thank You Humble Games, our publisher, Sam English our music composer, Hyper Duck for our Sound Effects and GameMaker our engine!

In Fae Tactics, follow a young magic user named Peony on her journey across a vibrant world full of mystery and danger. Summon allies, cast spells, and befriend a motley crew of characters as you dive into the growing conflicts between man and magical beings known as fae.

Fae Tactics is available $20.00

Buy it on Now Humble or Steam!

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47 Responses to Fae Tactics OUT NOW!

  1. Ryan says:

    Congrats on the launch, picked it up on humble bundle and installing it now. Very excited!

    • Caro! says:

      Thanks Ryan! I’m so happy you’re playing- Let me know if you bump into anything. We are patching some stuff reported on the steam forums already.

  2. Gabriele Depedri says:

    ready to start a new game!! Also found it on GOG. You are really the best developer ever!!

  3. Ehko says:

    I’m so happy I finally get to play the game ! Started playing on the hard difficulty immediatly and all I can say is thanks to you two, and the rest of the people involved of course, I’m having such a great experience so far !

    • Caro! says:

      I get so happy when I hear about you guys playing and enjoying the game! We worked really hard on this and for a while the passion was gone (toward the end of the project, finalization is a total drag) But man hearing your comment makes me want to make more art!<3

  4. Silyen says:

    I would love to get that game now but for me it looks like perfect fit for Nintendo Switch. Any info when it’s gonna be released on that platform? My patience is being tested hard…

    • Caro! says:

      Haha! Hi Silyen! So, we along with the publisher have been focused on release of PC. There really hasn’t been any updates on how the switch port is going. Wish us luck on this!

  5. Ailwuful says:

    This game is really fun… loved how it is simple to play but you can still do a lot of complex stuff.
    I gotta say, though. I’m really hoping for a sequel to Valdis Story. Is that something planned for the future?

    • Caro! says:

      Hi, So glad you like the game. You got it, that’s exactly how we wanted it to be. Hopefully easy to get into but deep mechanics. We’re both artists but gameplay is the most important feature to us.
      I know so many people love Valdis Story! We love VS too but we also like to explore Genres A LOT.

  6. parrot says:

    I bought the game on launch. Begun with the hard difficulty but was stumped with the enormous retries(boss battles mostly). so next day I started in the Normal difficulty . Probably the hard difficulty require some fore planning/preparation (gathering relevant talismans and faes for boss battles).

    Anyways I am enjoying playing. Looking forward to reaching the ending. Also didn’t expect it to clock over a 20 hours on the first playthrough (game not finished yet). Great value for money. Really grateful. Thanks!

    Also just wondering if the enemies levels scale with the heroes level?

    • Caro! says:

      Hi parrot!
      I’m always happy to hear when someone starts playing and plays more time than they intended! 😀 happy you are enjoying the game~! The hard difficulty is really intended for when you know all the mechanics of the game and are more efficient. As for the enemy level scale- they scale with story mission progression. Thanks for playing!

      • parrot says:

        Hi there,

        Thanks for the replay! Just letting you know that i finished the game twice by now. And i did miss some upgrades and characters but that don’t matter. Since i am gonna replay it with different play styles anyway. It might not matter but i guess enjoying the game is a compliment.

        Just asking for some ‘Insider knowledge’ to confirm something. Is timed events are measured in story time or day time? For example If i get the yellow gem will i lose some events? Or for example if the day pass 50 will i lose some events? Because i keep replaying with the blue Pio bird to unlock the third weapon upgrade but didn’t get it. Also which gem is best to get the last .to give chance to unlocking everything? is the red gem last? And one last thing the crimson king unlock is by letting peony touch the totem or is it something else?

        Just asking this so i can complete all achievements on time. Feel free to ignore ; . ;

        Thanks and Cheers !

        • Caro! says:

          Thats great to hear that you’ve played it so much. We went through a lot working on this game. We completely lost excitement after awhile and just put in the work. Over and over having to delay also hurt our moral. But reading how much you play sort of brings the original excitement back! 😀
          The only quest that can disappear with time is Matilda’s everything else is determined by the story stages you complete and the units you use in battle. The order of the gems isnt really important, so no worries there.

          • parrot says:

            Hi Caro,

            Sorry if I am annoying you by asking many questions but here we go:
            Currently i have two achievements left (collecting all weapons and unlocking all best endings)
            The only weapon missing is the third sword for crimson king (I have fire and ice) and pinchon ending is (B) Even when i have all his three boxing gloves . I noticed that gremlin king missions appear when i use gremlin summons. So Do i need to use certain summons in a certain location to unlock crimson king sword and pinchon (A) ending?

            I played as the crimson king and pinchon many times and don’t seem to make progress. By the way i had the same issue when trying to complete the paychin weapon collection in the previous play through (Last gem was yellow one) . I suspect i might be having this issue because collecting the last gem in my current play through (red gem) would trigger the game end boss.

            It would be nice if there is a indication (a in-game progress bar or something) to help with unlocking everything. But his is just a trivial concern.

            This what i am currently aware i am missing. looking forward for of some hints.

            Many thanks,

            • parrot says:

              quick update:

              Just searched the steam forums and some one posted hints of how to get the weapon. Just now get the two last achievements (one of the 0.1%).

              Thanks for making the game. Great Gameplay, Art and Story.
              Looking forward for the next one whatever it is!!!

              Many thanks,

  7. buttermp says:

    as Dofus and Wakfu player I’m enjoying the game. Thanks.

  8. Gabriele Depedri says:

    is there an official place to signal bug/suggestions for Fae Tactics?

  9. Lady Zines says:

    This is preventing me from moving forward with the story :0(
    action number 1
    of Draw Event
    for object general_control:

    REAL argument is undefined
    called from – gml_Script_draw_scene_script (line 52)
    called from – gml_Object_general_control_Draw_64 (line 187)

  10. Lady Zines says:

    A FATAL ERROR is stopping me from proceeding with the game :\

    • Caro! says:

      Hi Lady Zine! Can we email you to talk about this? This bug is elusive. For many people it’s random so if you’ve managed to reproduce it 100% of the time it would be very informative for us to be able to fix it. Which scene does it happen on ? Does it happen every time? If you want to email Kyron directly to help us you can contact support at endlessfluff dont com ! Thanks and sorry about this annoying bug.

  11. Vayunas says:

    Is there any possibility to lauch on PS VITA console too? That would be so awesome… PS VITA is losing so much good games, we players still exist!!

    • Caro! says:

      Hi Vayunas, we are very new to the console port game. Right now a switch port is only possible with help from our publisher. A ps vita port would be outside of a capabilities at the moment. We are focused on supporting this game with patches at the moment.

      • Vayunas says:

        Thank you for the quick answer! Maybe a new game for PS Vita? Haha I wish true success for you all (and secretly waiting for a Valdis Story 2 – I ***loved*** the game).

  12. BlueMage says:

    Valdys Story is on my top 5 of best games ever and Tactics games are one of my favorite genre. This is an instabuy for me!

    • Caro! says:

      Oh! I hope you enjoy it! We’ve been actively patching since launch. I really need to post an update here again but short on time – So much to do! 😀

      • Enris nogare von tein says:

        Ok so i played it through the end and all i can say is thank you for giving me this experience! Holy hell you guys outdid yourselves this time! I love FFTA and FFTA2 so much but you guys actually managed to make this game better than both! By a mile! The combat mechanics are perfect and nothing like ive seen before! Valdys Story was amazing but this game is beyond that, you guys managed to rethink the whole tactics genre and came up with this amazing gameplay. Honestly, you guys are my favorite Developers by far, and im anxiously expecting your next game if you guys are planning on doing another one! (Im the same guy from the previous comment, just couldnt login into that account for some reason)

  13. chrismarlowe7 says:

    Hello. Greetings from Russia.
    Just wanted to congratulate you on the release of the long-awated game and express my deepest gratitude!

    I played Valdis Story for the first time in late 2014. It was one of my first steam purchases. And I was very proud that I found this gem by myself. 🙂 I am a huge metroidvania fan, played dozens of them over the years. And Valdis is still my all-time favorite. Even Hollow Knight couldn’t dethrone it. He desperately tried, but I just love the story, characters and the world of Valdis so much! And the music of Zack Parrish is so hauntingly beautiful. It has been on my phone for half a decade now. And I listened Pancakes track hundreds of times. It always cheers me up.

    Anyway! Now is not the time for reminiscing. It is all about Tactics. I bought it on day one and spent most of August playing the game at every opportunity. Completed it in 60 hours. Love it to bits! As always, your gameplay is top notch! Easy to learn, hard to master. In fact, this time I am especially impressed just how insanely easy it is to learn a lot of complicated, intertwined mechanics. It is like I was guided by very smart teacher, who knows how to engage pupils and how to make difficult things interesting to learn.
    The story of the game is wonderful. I couldn’t believe it when I learned that it is a direct sequel to Legend of Fae. It is so cool that you returned to your old world and reinvented it. I am ashamed to admit that I never played Legend before. But I bought it a few days ago and playing it right now! Man, it is so weird to see Claudia so young!)))
    I am also impressed by Orowantus. I remember that contest many years ago. “Create your own fae”. Kim Lloyd won it. And now her centaur is among the main characters of the game. It is simply wonderful.

    I can’t do much to promote the game, but I will write lengthy review on steam in my native language, I will recommend the game to my friends until they give up and buy it. And it will be my favorite steam gift for years to come.
    Sorry for very long, rambling comment. 🙂 Thank you again for the game.

    • Caro! says:

      Chrismarlowe, thank you so much for sharing all this.
      I’m so happy you found Valdis Story on your own. Personally I really love “hidden gems”. Maybe as a developer, we shouldn’t try to be one (haha) but I love discovering a great game like that. It’s how I found mischief makers and Valkyrie Profile. I’m so happy you love Valdis Story so much and the fact you listen to Sir Pancakes song like that is just great.
      It’s great to know you also are liking our entry into the tactics genre. I was wondering how many players would pick up on these small details that you did. How many would know of the contest we made and that we really did pledge to keep our promise? Back then I thought we’d run a lot more contests like that but so far there’s only been that one ( game dev has become a lot more complicated since then!) But then you actually went back to play the original as well? Really, I’m happy you did. Even though the game is older and we’ve gotten so much better- depending on who you are, it can be an interesting thing to see. It’s great to know you got to see young Claudia, also young Endlessfluff Games!
      Thanks for all the things you wrote. It’s really uplifting for me. Development for this game has really had it’s ups and downs, way down. Toward the end we were so depleted and had absolutely zero in the tank. Seeing fans reactions and all the things you’ve said here , it really makes me nearly forget that there were harsh struggles in this development. We’re not fully sure if this game will be able to financially secure another game yet, but I’m so HYPE to make stuff either way. I’m full of motivation! Thank you for the support!<3

      • chrismarlowe7 says:

        After couple of hours of playing I can say that Legend of Fae is still holds up very well. Sure, it is rough around the edges and can look a bit amateurish at times, but the core mechanics are solid. “Match-three” games are very simple and addictive by nature, but can become repetitive and boring really fast. You put this tile-matching into proper context, in terms of gameplay and story.
        And it is nice that Tactics borrows some gameplay elements from Legend. At the first glance two games can’t be more different. But Tactics inherits a lot from Legend: elemental affiliations, various buffs and afflictions. Looks like franchise had tactical potential from the very beginning. 🙂

        And about picking up on small details – this is what really brings games to life. I love the fact that your games have so much hidden and optional content, little nods and references in them. My first Valdis playthrough was a disaster. I missed everything I could miss. But it is a good thing. I was intrigued and motivated.
        I finished Fae Tactics with Crystal Peony achievement, collected all equipment, brought every story to the best conclusion. But it is only because nowadays I have less free time on my hands and try to make my first playthrough the definitive one. But still there were many moments when I did something right instinctively. For example, Prison Break mission. I tried to free prisoners, but they immediately charged guards like Leeroy Jenkins and tragically perished. I could just run away, but some kind of gut feeling convinced me that I should replay the mission. I tried it 4 or 5 times, experimenting with healing and offensive units. Like Doctor Who I said to myself: “Just this once, everybody lives!” And of course many, many hours later Rose helped me to complete Payachin quest. Epic!
        And King Crimson. His quest is crazy but it just works! I would never found him without help from steam forums. But he is worth the effort! He is like Wyatt Goibniu into super seyan mode and twice as grumpy.

        At the end of the day, what I want to say: I really appreciate that you finished this game despite all the setbacks and hurdles. I think, you shouldn’t forget the struggles, but also don’t ever forget that your efforts bring a lot of joy to people from all over the world.
        And I am way too melodramatic 🙂

  14. Lady Zines says:

    I found a bug with Orowantus. It says her vertical is 6 but she’s currently stuck on a platform she was allowed to descend to but not rise from. On the previous mission she couldn’t jump up a very short height to get to a treasure chest. BTW I’m sorry I didn’t reply to your other comment. When I tried the stage again with only Peony in my team I didn’t have trouble ending it.

  15. dogi says:

    The game is amazing! Will we be able to buy the soundtrack? I listen to it on youtube but I want to own it.

  16. Stranger says:

    I’m working my way through older posts, realizing this game took years of work. I can’t imagine the hurdles and hardships the team must have faced. I won’t bother with trite sentimentalities, but I did want to let whatever-person-from-the-dev-team-that-might-happen-to-read-this-comment know: You brought joy to the world. At least, to this random person. Thank you.

    Oh, and I’m going to have to ditto on the soundtrack request. and maybe an art book with all that yummy concept art. Anyways, looking forward to the next project.

  17. Nyx says:

    Hi EF! Have you abandoned the Switch version of Fae Tactics. I can find absolutely no information about it 😦

  18. Accursed says:

    I think at this point they’re hoping we forget they even mentioned a Switch version on account of they aren’t responding to any questions about it lol. even on Twitter.

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