Fae Tactics Game Play Dev Pt.2


Today’s post will be all about Elements. Units can fall under one of Eight possible elements (Including Physical or no element). There are a couple of stats that are governed by a units element which can give you a general idea of what that unit may do and how to fight it.

Critical Hit oro_critical

Aside from any unique skills, critical hits are determined by a units element. Attacking a unit with its counter element(s) guarantees a critical hit dealing significant bonus damage.
A few examples are…
new_icons1[Water] magic attacks deal critical damage to [Fire] elemental units.
new_icons2[Fire] magic attacks deal critical damage to [Earth] and [Ice] elemental units.
new_icons7[Arcane] magic attacks have a 30% chance to deal critical damage to any unit.

Assists curse_enchant

A units assist action is determined by its Element. Learning and memorizing the assists types helps when putting together a party with good synergy.
A few examples are…
new_icons0Physical [Inspire]: [Enchanted] with [Inspire].
new_icons1Water [Cleanse]:
Heals [Hp] and removes [Curses].
new_icons3Earth [Barrier]: Gain +5 [Max Mb].
new_icons7Arcane [Cloak]: [Enchanted] with [Cloak].

Reaction Skills reactionskill

Only leader units attain reaction skills. These skills have a chance to be used when the unit is directly attacked. Knowing what reaction skill an enemy will use based off its element can sometimes help you choose a more effective attack plan.
A few examples are…
new_icons4Wind [Parry]: 20% Chance to block and counter melee attacks.
new_icons3Earth [Defend]: 75% Chance to gain +10 [Def] until next turn. (Max 5 Stacks)
new_icons5Ice [Cold Aura]: 25% Chance to release a Freezing blast.
new_icons7Arcane [Return]: 20% chance to reflect elemental projectiles.

Enchants and Curses

Enchants and Curses represent the positive and negative status effects in Fae tactics. They are not linked to element, but I felt this was a good time to talk about them since many of the assist actions involve enchantments. A unit can only be affected by one Enchant or Curse at a time. This means that removing a curse from your ally is as simple as using an assist that would place an enchant on it. Alternatively you could potentially remove an enchant from an enemy by cursing it.
A few examples of enchants and curses are…
new_icons28Inspire: Grants +5 [Atk] and +10 [Def].
new_icons26Dance: +30% chance to [Evade] attacks.
new_icons31Haste: +2 [Move] distance.
new_icons36Poison: Unit takes moderate [Earth] damage each round.
new_icons37Blind: -40 [Accuracy].
new_icons43Root: Unit is unable to move or [Evade].

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6 Responses to Fae Tactics Game Play Dev Pt.2

  1. yaratchiku says:

    Well, I’ll say, this all look pretty impressive. The art is really cool, the animations seem great for what was shown so far, and, more importantly, the gameplay seem really impressive.
    With this I’m sure you’ll make us a really good game.
    I wish you luck!!!

  2. Rangga Masli says:

    i hope this will be online card game like duelyst. :3

  3. The_Rippy_One says:

    So, is there like a Patreon or a KS or something I can hit to help support this (and maybe get in on the alpha/beta)?

  4. Adored Valdis Story: Abyssal City and now you’re showing me something that can sate my thirst for an Ogre Tatics game. I’m really looking forward to it.

  5. Joseph says:

    Nice! this reminds me of ffta2, seems really nice, cant wait to play it, I really wanted to play a game like thatfor a long time now. Cheers and hope you the best.

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