Fae Tactics Developer Live Stream!

The Steam Games Festival continues today with a developer live stream! Kyron will be playing the game today at 3:00 EDT. It will run for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Join us!

Here’s the link




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Steam Festival has the Fae Tactics DEMO!

Hey Guys

It’s been a little over a month since last update. Not bad, eh?

I wanted to pop in and let you know that Fae Tactics is part of the Steam Game Festival today and that means you can…

Get your hands on the DEMO !!

Release News

First, the games not coming out in Spring, Summer is our new release window. I know so many of you are excited to play it. Sorry to disappoint there yet again. At least there’s a Demo now to hold you over. We tried desperately for spring because we were hoping to release PC and Switch at the same time. As you know (or not know… though if you are here I’m guessing it’s because you’re an old school Endlessfluff fan) this is our first time doing anything Console and well, its really not easy. Even though it’s taken longer, we’ve learned a lot about optimizing performance. While Switch release will be later, PC release is much more ready to go. We actually have a release date in mind now. Hope to tell you it soon.

The PC Gaming Show

Fae Tactics has recently been featured in the PC Gaming show this week! We’ve poured so much love into this game and it was such great exposure. It was nearly the whole planet! Ok, maybe not but it felt like it because now even Famitsu.com posted about Fae Tactics. That delighted the heck out of the kid gamer me.

It’s time stamped to 1:21:20 for Fae Tactics’s new trailor.

That’s the end of this update. Since we are part of the Steam Festival there may be a new update this week. Keep an eye on this space and enjoy the DEMO! ^_^



Endlessfluff- https://twitter.com/EndlessFluff
Caro-  https://twitter.com/mankoon

Endlessfluff- https://www.instagram.com/endlessfluff_games/
Caro- https://www.instagram.com/mishin_silo/
Kyron – https://www.instagram.com/efkyo/

Caro- https://www.twitch.tv/mishin
Kyron – https://www.twitch.tv/lordlozzo

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May! What?

Hey, I hope you all are as happy and healthy as you can be at this time!

I still feel like we are in February. A lot of me is left in February.  I have to adjust… we are indeed in MAY now.

We are ok. We are in NYC which is… well it is insane the amount of change that has happened from this post since the last…   My brain is still in February but at the same time it feels like a whole year has passed. Very strange. Anyway, I don’t think you need me to tell you the on goings of the world – I just hope you guys are doing ok!!

This Month’s Humble Choice features a Fae Tactics Demo!


Our publisher Humble Bundle has dropped the Fae Tactics Demo with this months Humble Choice! If you’re really hungry to play or are a subscriber already you can finally play a preview of Fae Tactics!

I had a really fun time watching a french streamer Gautoz play. It is so nice to finally see people play this thing.

What else were we doing. I’m playing a bit of catch up here but…


Switch Port!

…and all of the required optimization for it! It’s been a loooong time but all the optimization has made a tremendous improvement. Even the graphics have improved because some graphics were replaced with shaders and well, shaders are very pretty.  They are light and fluffy and will definitely be utilized in future games. In fact a lot of the stuff that was learned through this arduous optimization process will be utilized in our future games. So bare with us, Endlessfluff Games has been pumping some gamedev iron. ┗(`皿´)┛


Did you see humble brag 2020? We are set for release in Spring 2020! Watch below!


That’s where I’ll end today’s post! I just want to make a quick note- I have read your questions in the last post. A lot has happened since then.   I still intend to answer them! Sorry you’ve had to wait so long…

Stay happy and healthy~!


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