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It’s been a while hasn’t it?   I’ve been holding off on writing this one. Apologies.  You might be wondering how is Fae Tactics coming along.  What happens at these small Indie Dev studios?  Well sometimes shit happens.  And when shit happens, it pretty much messes up everything.  I mean, we are a really small Indie Dev studio.  I’m often surprised when we get serious job applications that want to relocate to our location … Endlessfluff Games is just two people very dedicated, very passionate people.  Our more dedicated followers know that, but most people do not.

In fact, this is our work space, if you are interested in seeing. Kyron’s desk is the one on the right and mine is the one on the left.  The living room is further to the left, off camera.


It has been a really rough 2017. Before I get into some details, I can happily tell you that we are recovering from it. The last post was at the end of January… Oddly enough that was my birthday.  I didn’t celebrate my birthday. I found out my mom was ill and on my birthday I flew to Chile, South America to be with her. I was very optimistic. I figured I would get her better and head back home. That’s not what happened. My mom was a very healthy person so it shocked everyone that she was given 2 months to live.  So, I had decided to spend the rest of this time with her and try to make the best of it.


As you could imagine, this was the most difficult time of my life and I had to put all game creation on hold. Kyron tried to work on some stuff but my absence made it hard for him to move far forward.  On my end, it was nonstop trying to save my mom even it it meant  just making her happy. I was in Chile for a week, then when the care was not sufficient, I took her back to NYC for better health care and to spend time with my siblings.  I lived in the hospital for 20 days with her.  Then when there was nothing left to be done, I took her back home to Viña del Mar, Chile.  We lost her to Non-small cell lung cancer on April 21st. I’m not trying to depress anyone but If you’ve been through something like that before, I want to give you the biggest virtual hug I possibly can. If not,  I hope you never do.  I loved her very much.  Claudia from Legend of Fae is sort of based off of my mom. My mom always had a limp because when she was young she had polio, just like Claudia, but it was never something that held her back. It seemed to make her want to do more.


My mom, in the tiny house she had build in the Chilean land she nurtured into fertility.

What about Fae Tactics?


Kyron continued working on it for a while but since I could not contribute for some time, his work was held up . Sam was able to make some beautiful tracks up until the inevitable halt.

“Halt”. What a nasty word but let me explain. Along with the emotional toll of losing a parent. There’s also a financial hit. There was a lot of time lost.  Originally we wanted Fae Tactics to come out late this year.  Unfortunately, that’s unlikely. However we still need the income a new game release would provide. So, there has been a slight change of plans.  Kyron has been working on a shorter game at the moment instead of Fae Tactics. It was either dramatically cut Fae Tactics short or work on something new that can be released sooner. These decisions are hard to make but I was really against cutting Fae Tactics short.  We have so many ideas for it.  So right now, I have to catch up while Kyron is working on something new. I know it’s a bit disappointing to hear. I’m sorry. I am often tempted to just have us go full steam ahead on Fae Tactics… because I am feeling much better but there’s something else to tell you… and you probably already know if you looked a few lines down.

Man this is one loaded ass blog post!

I’m having our little bundle of code!



She looks really cozy with her leg up and yawning…


We have a little girl on the way! She’s is also my happiness!! ❤

I know, in terms of game development… it’s not the greatest news. I hope you’ll be patient with us and continue to support us in the future.

I will try to update the blog with whatever happens. This is all new territory for us.  I have never had a new born before to know what it’s going to be like.  We want to enjoy her as much as we can but what I do know is that we NEED to release Fae Tactics for the sake of our own little growing family! It would be a lot of wasted work if we don’t.  We just have to play it by ear.

Well, that’s it for now. At some point, perhaps Kyron will share what he’s working on too.

See you around.





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Sam English : OST Sampler for Fae Tactics!

Hi there!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Things have been a bit hectic this year and I apologize for the lack of updates and news.  I’ll let you know what’s going down in a next post but if you’ve been itching for some Fae Tactics goodies,  here’s a treat for you!

Sam has put out an awesome sampler of his musical work for Fae Tactics! Check it out here, give a listen and throw your support if you can! 😀



Cheer’s for now!


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Fae Tactics Game Play Dev Pt.2


Today’s post will be all about Elements. Units can fall under one of Eight possible elements (Including Physical or no element). There are a couple of stats that are governed by a units element which can give you a general idea of what that unit may do and how to fight it.

Critical Hit oro_critical

Aside from any unique skills, critical hits are determined by a units element. Attacking a unit with its counter element(s) guarantees a critical hit dealing significant bonus damage.
A few examples are…
new_icons1[Water] magic attacks deal critical damage to [Fire] elemental units.
new_icons2[Fire] magic attacks deal critical damage to [Earth] and [Ice] elemental units.
new_icons7[Arcane] magic attacks have a 30% chance to deal critical damage to any unit.

Assists curse_enchant

A units assist action is determined by its Element. Learning and memorizing the assists types helps when putting together a party with good synergy.
A few examples are…
new_icons0Physical [Inspire]: [Enchanted] with [Inspire].
new_icons1Water [Cleanse]:
Heals [Hp] and removes [Curses].
new_icons3Earth [Barrier]: Gain +5 [Max Mb].
new_icons7Arcane [Cloak]: [Enchanted] with [Cloak].

Reaction Skills reactionskill

Only leader units attain reaction skills. These skills have a chance to be used when the unit is directly attacked. Knowing what reaction skill an enemy will use based off its element can sometimes help you choose a more effective attack plan.
A few examples are…
new_icons4Wind [Parry]: 20% Chance to block and counter melee attacks.
new_icons3Earth [Defend]: 75% Chance to gain +10 [Def] until next turn. (Max 5 Stacks)
new_icons5Ice [Cold Aura]: 25% Chance to release a Freezing blast.
new_icons7Arcane [Return]: 20% chance to reflect elemental projectiles.

Enchants and Curses

Enchants and Curses represent the positive and negative status effects in Fae tactics. They are not linked to element, but I felt this was a good time to talk about them since many of the assist actions involve enchantments. A unit can only be affected by one Enchant or Curse at a time. This means that removing a curse from your ally is as simple as using an assist that would place an enchant on it. Alternatively you could potentially remove an enchant from an enemy by cursing it.
A few examples of enchants and curses are…
new_icons28Inspire: Grants +5 [Atk] and +10 [Def].
new_icons26Dance: +30% chance to [Evade] attacks.
new_icons31Haste: +2 [Move] distance.
new_icons36Poison: Unit takes moderate [Earth] damage each round.
new_icons37Blind: -40 [Accuracy].
new_icons43Root: Unit is unable to move or [Evade].

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