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We’re working on…

A TACTICS PROJECT! There! Cat’s out of the cardboard castle. The work you see below is the accumulation of 3 and a half months of production with game design docs that are older than that. This game is yet to be titled but … Continue reading

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The massive(fun) task of fulfilling a Kickstarter reward.

Ever wondered what it’s like to fulfill a Kickstarter reward where you promise everyone you’d do a unique drawing for them? We  Kickstarted Valdis Story back when the popularity of Kickstarter hadn’t hit it’s zenith yet.  We thought 8k was going to … Continue reading

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We aren’t dead but we certainty haven’t been making any posts. So, here’s a quick update. At the moment we are working on a smaller project. The main purpose of this project is for us to have fun developing it.  We are a bit … Continue reading

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