Still Here!


Hey, I’m back for my weekly check in and this week’s news is, well it’s pretty much the same as it was last week.  Still testing out the game, making sure the over all experience is great and making tweaks along the way. At this point we are working together with our publisher Humble Bundle to make the best product we can.  I hope no matter what, that you can stay excited for Fae Tactics  while we wrestle with this final stage of development!  Anyway aside from game testing, tweaking and improving the over all experience I also made some art for Sam’s music credit info at the start of the game:


I would love to tell you more but it has to wait. Until next time!




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1 Response to Still Here!

  1. Kein says:

    Are you still aiming for 2019? Release in december is a madness even for AAA.

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