Fae Tactics Isometric Tile Concept Art!

Hey, it’s the start of the week and for a lot of people it’s going to be a long day. So even though I recently made a post, I thought I’d share with you some concept art I poured my heart into. The first two images you probably already saw in my last post where I showed the transition from concept art to in game graphics.

So, here are more concepts of areas.  At this point in development, we only have a few that have been translated to game sprites but you can get an idea of what’s to come.
Indoor_humble_pencil Indoor_humble

Like I stated in my last post, these are illustrations that inspire isometric tile sets. A tile set for the purposes needed in ‘Fae Tactics’ consist of grounds, ground decoration, elevated grounds, slanted ground, objects you can step on, obstructions, and beauty/thematic doodads and possibly other different types because with each illustration there is always a new item that Kyron is interested in trying to implement in the game. The drawing above introduced hanging doodads (chandelier).


A lot of the stuff I draw in these concepts, I’m not actually sure if we will be able to implement into the game but if I were to limit myself when designing a location, I’d end up with something really stale and I’d probably hate it and toss it in the garbage.  So, I draw whatever crazy sh*t that comes to mind and I’m really lucky Kyron’s such a badass. He always seems up to the challenge to try to make it happen, whether through some visual tricks or clever coding.

Our game development chemistry has been pretty strong lately. It has been really fun to push ourselves into new territory. Wastelands_color
I’d like to share my internal thinking because this might help another artist out there who’s stumped or has artist’s block.  My best ideas come when I pretend I’m actually standing there, on the wood, or grass or rock. When I mentally place myself in that location I can better imagine what would be around me. In general, I like to observe my surroundings, so when I’m drawing these, I don’t want to be bored. I try my best to think up the kind of stuff I’d love to see. Or I try to imagine where I would sit my cup or rest my head.


I got a little carried away in the ‘WetLands’ drawing above. I added a raccoon stealing a baguette. I’m not sure if we can add that to the game, but it adds character and could inspire situations.
Farmlands Here’s a funny one. I really wanted a witch to raise radishes from the dea…. from the garden.  That one is perhaps a bit too complicated.

For artists that are interested in knowing what tools I used: The illustrations were drawn with a .3 Mechanical pencil (Graphgear1000) on letter size printer paper.  Then the drawings were scanned into Photoshop where I colored them with basic brushes.

CryptsHope you enjoyed that!


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13 Responses to Fae Tactics Isometric Tile Concept Art!

  1. That raccoon stealing a baguette belongs in The Cute Thread! 😉

  2. sarahdoylecg says:

    These are awesome, I like seeing your process too 🙂

  3. fireball241 says:

    That is so coool T_T I want to draw like this 😀

  4. Hoping there will be demo or alpha soon 😛

  5. Neuro says:

    the little witch doing a little gardening, how cute ^__^
    (or maybe i think so cuz i watched Little Witch Academia recently, ha-ha)
    and that last concept with winged statue somehow associated with graveyard for me, but those floating in the air parts of buildings…. hm, i wonder what is that ?? =)

  6. Yaratchiku says:

    Just finished Valdis Story and decided to see if there were any other games made by you guys, and I stumbled upon those beautiful pictures! Those seems really interesting! I really love the colours!
    I just hope the colours on the last picture wont be those in the game, ’cause the water kinda hurts my eyes…
    Anyway I am really psyched for this game! Good luke to you guys!!!

  7. KaeTokiha says:

    This looks amazing. I’ll be sure to get the game when is out.

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