Quick Reminder – Steam Summer Sale Still Going!

Endlessfluff Games are at 50% off right now on Steam’s Summer Sale. Plus it’s a good reason for me to draw Vladyn trolling Wyatt.


Valdis Story 50%

Legend of Fae 50%



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3 Responses to Quick Reminder – Steam Summer Sale Still Going!

  1. Random commenter says:

    Any chance you might do a Linux port at some point? I seem to recall it was planned at some point and I bought it on GOG, but I haven’t seen anything lately.

    For first pass, you could use VirtualBox and try it in a VM. Not going to be ideal performance, but it’s a $0 way to get Linux running when you only have Win or Mac systems (or Solaris, for that matter, though odds are you aren’t using Solaris).


  2. That guy who uses Linux says:

    “Steam Summer Sale Still Going!” – that’s weird when you read it on December… 0o

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