Valdis Story Update

Hey everyone!
Quick rundown on some of the stuff we are working on.

-Vladyns combat mechanics are about 97% completed. His story on the other hand has a long way to go. Implementing it is tricky due to him starting at a different location in the city. This requires a lot of design work in terms of scene checking and difficulty progression. Above is a look at his development in the early stages. I hope to get him to the point where his skill tree can be tested for balance within the month.

-New optional zones. We will be adding at least 2 new optional zones (mostly geared towards end game). Caro is working on the concepts for one of the new zones so maybe she will post about them soon if you ask enough.

-A couple of new items/vendors have been added. There is also a new item type called “Elixirs” that last for a set duration and can provide resistance to things like cold damage in unheated zones among interesting properties. Only one “Elixir” can be active at a time.

-New bosses. There are a few new bosses, including Abbigail whose concept was shown in an earlier post. Abbigail boss battle is done pending some balance tweaks after she gets tested by more players.

-Le’Roy has arrived. Not gonna say much about her yet. We are also working on bugs and various changes to address video memory issues (This takes up most of the time so far). I’m considering filling one of the empty crew member slots in this update, so keep an eye out for another contest.


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20 Responses to Valdis Story Update

  1. Finally, an update. These are some tasty news, haha.

    VS aside, do you guys plan to make an announcement or some kind of hint on what are you working on next (in big terms, I mean – new project)?

  2. Von says:

    Any news on Mac and Linux releases?

  3. Dust {AET} says:

    This is wonderful. A great news to the development of this game. I hope testers can work on Gilda soon too! ^_^

  4. Sniperior says:

    It would be awesome if this became co op/ multiplayer to play with a friend.

  5. A Linux Guy says:

    Thanks for the update. We love talkative developers.

    Looking forward to a Linux build as well.

  6. Shiru says:

    Awesome =) !! Keep up the good work, guys !

  7. Please, a PS4/Vita version of Valdis Story!

    • Edwin Obando says:

      Beggars, beggars everywhere, the game is nearly perfect on PC, can be played in any laptop. Yeah, some people will tell me, that everyone has the right to play their games on the platform they like, but Endless Fluff is an indie company and maybe they dont have the resources to get involved with other platforms. So if you really like this game, buy it on steam, if you love the game, gift a copy to a friend, dont wait for another release on console. Console fanboyism has become pretty useless these days, since most of laptops and low range PCs can run many games as it should be. I cant see any advantage of this game being on any console, beggars just ask for games on their consoles to feed their ego and feel special because they have an overrated platform. Hate me for saying the true, I love the gaming, not a stupid platform or console.

      • LaughingLefou says:

        What, did a console kill your parents or something? So much hate…

        • Basil says:

          The day a console is able to keep up with the processing power of my PC, I will be willing to consider switching. As it sits, PS4 and XBox One are both VERY lacking in the gaming department graphically speaking. Hence, consoles suck. Just my 2 cents.

  8. Myhr2 says:

    Awesome news! Looking forward to discover all those wonderous additions to an already magnificent game!

  9. Davi says:

    I’m glad to see updates coming! I’ve played through this half a dozen times already, and I’m eager for reasons to do it again.

    Have you guys considered the indie showcase at evo? I think the FGC would be very receptive to VS:AC, and I never see any PR for your game :(. Valdis Story also plays great on an arcade stick, just sayin’.

  10. Baka3010 says:

    Woo! This game is amazing and I’m glad to see the game is still expanding.

    My main concern when it comes to the update is audio issues. With Realtek HD being the best main audio driver on the market as a generic onboard sound option for laptops, there are issues with sound of water and walking on water specifically. It’s causing unnatural sound spikes at any ingame volume level. I’ve seen it mentioned by others on the forums, so I know that I’m not the only one with this concern. I’ve resorted to playing with the sound fx off and music on.

    • Nicholas Steel says:

      There’s like 30 different Realtek HD devices used on various motherboards each with their own drivers, it’s not as easy to support properly as you might think.

      I’m hoping they’ll revert, or at least change the save game sound effect a second time.

  11. I have recently fallen in love with this game, and wish you all the best of luck in continuing to diversify the experience. Amazing work. Any updates you feel equipped to share are very much appreciated, though just knowing it’s still being supported is encouraging. I’m sure I’ll play it several more times once the new content becomes available (though I’m still playing now :P).

    Thank you!


  12. zmashko says:

    I’m waiting for this update with more excitement than I thought possible when I made the decision to buy this game. Really fantastic stuff and I really, really can’t wait.

    Oh… and like someone said above – you guys need to step it up in the PR department! This game is a hit.

  13. Dawgy says:

    Is there any chance you guys can add a Boss Arena mode? Where you fight all the bosses in the game in order from start to finish? Or alternatively a mode where you can pick what boss to fight, and fight them?

    I love Valdis, it’s one of my favorite games, but one of the problems I had with Valdis was that in the beginning the game is pretty difficult. I think up until you get past the ice boss, the game is pretty hard. Then, as I got stronger in the game the game got increasingly easier. This is mostly because the enemies became easier to kill as I did soooo much damage to them. It also cheapened some of my abilities in a way.

    The game is very combo heavy, a lot like Devil May Cry 3, and once you get higher level you can do a lot of damage with your combos, but the lategame enemies dont have the health to withstand what you’re whacking them with at times, and you start just clearing them out pretty fast. Thus, you cant fully explore your newfound abilities. Contrast this with a game like say, Devil May Cry 3 where you get more and more abilities to beat up enemies, but your damage doesn’t change too much: you just get more options to fight with. Look at this video to see what I mean: . Basically, he can explore all of his options because of this.

    The one thing that stayed consistently challenging and fun were the bosses due to their high health, invincible states and requiring multiple patterns and reaction to win. But it’s sad because once you kill them, they’re gone. M***s, A******, and the other boss were really fun, and I would reset a lot to fight that again and again.

    So I as a lover of this game, I’m requesting you guys doing one of three things:

    – Make a new difficulty where either:
    a) The damage formulas are nerfed so new abilities and leveling up, gives more damage through ‘utility’ and not necessarily ‘numerical damage’, and also adding hit stun to more attacks and/or status effects. OR
    b) Enemy health is dramatically increased.

    I personally like ‘a’ better since I think some of the formulas are a little crazy, especially the critical hit ones. They can make some damage ridiculous, (such as Bleed + High Agi).

    – Make a new mode where you can fight bosses in order (like an Arena). Might be easier to do.

    – Make a new mode where you can fight bosses of your choosing

    A better way to translate what I’m saying is: I love your game, and I’m trying to find more ways to extend the gameplay so I can play it longer and have more fun. Please take it into consideration!

  14. Edwin Obando says:

    Cool, I want to play with Vladyn. Keep up the good work.

  15. zmashko says:

    “The one thing that stayed consistently challenging and fun were the bosses due to their high health, invincible states and requiring multiple patterns and reaction to win. But it’s sad because once you kill them, they’re gone. M***s, A******, and the other boss were really fun, and I would reset a lot to fight that again and again.”

    I second this!

  16. How to make slash animation? 😀

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