Fan Art Friday: Killer Queen

My last post was so silly. No one reads blog posts without pictures in them.  Ok for those craving imagery I give you a fan art friday for a game I really love but I’m pretty sure no one has played unless you are in NYC like we are.

Fan Art Friday : KILLER QUEEN!

Killer Queen is a 5 v 5 arcade machine created by Nikita Mikros and a friend of ours- Josh DeBonus. We met Josh during our time at Gamelab. One of the projects Kyron and Josh worked on was a neat little game called Lego Fever.

Anyway,  I had the chance to play Killer Queen at NYU with some friends and it was a blast. I didn’t want to give my spot to a new player but you know there’s this pesky thing called ‘controller chivalry’ that always haunts me.  There are five players on each side of a team. 1 queen and 4 drones. There are also different strategies to win. My favorite of those is riding the snail slowly across the screen watching it devour my enemies. I could describe this game further to you- or I could just post this Kotaku coverage of it.

I’m sorry that this Fan Art Friday I’m posting about is for a game you can’t easily play…. but it’s a fantastic competitive game and there’s nothing I want more than an arcade resurgence.

Did I mention Josh also ran a kickstarter for his game Meriwether ? Busy man.

Cheers !


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