Valdis Story on Steam Greenlight

Valdis Story AC now has a Steam Greenlight page. You can find it HERE. There is also a demo of the game available HERE.

Reina is now playable in the demo. Here’s a quick look at her in action.

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13 Responses to Valdis Story on Steam Greenlight

  1. At long last. I assume release is definitely this year then.

    Also, the DEMO link is broken. It returns nothing, nothing being downloaded despite promt.

    • Kyron says:

      I’ve tested the link 3 times and it works fine. We’ll continue to look into it but no one else has reported the same problem you are having yet. All feedback will be taken into consideration before release.

      • Figured out what causes the issue with spell casting: “up” acts as a jump by default and magic has some cooldown effect. It is short but long enough to initiate the next “up” command as a jump and then next “up” causes air spell (because character is in the air) to be executed. Either way up command shouldn’t act as a jump as well or for healing spells there should be no magic cooldown, otherwise you are forced to wait until next usage of the spell. It is not a problem when playing as Wyatt or during exploration, but this is an issue when you fight the boss: you have to move away from it to actually be able to restore your HP without interruption and thus you lose in time (rating) and in tactic advantage (allowing him to execute long-range attacks) .For Reina this is quite problematic on Godslayer and Hard.

        • Kyron says:

          Thanks for the feedback,
          The casting controls have already been fixed in the beta. Removal of the spell cool down would cause the player to accidentally rapid cast the same spell multiple times before they released the button. The cool down has been tightened up so it’s nearly unnoticeable now and a check has been added to keep you from accidentally jumping during that time. So it is now possible to hold the cast button and alternate Up/Down to cast different spells without jumping or skill canceling on accident.

  2. Some notes:
    1. Boss Fights *need* retry option being available at any time. Most of the players won’t be even be bothering to fight after they been hit once or twice and lost precious time and rating. And waiting until you lose all bottles and boss kill you is INCREDIBLE annoying and frustrating. Custom entry “Retry” in “Option” menu section that unlocks during boss battles would be amazing.
    2. Sometimes scripts don’t work and then being re-activated later in totally different room:
    3. Why Paladins are so weak? I recall in first demo on Hard and GS they were quite challenging, but now on Hard I can kill them with 2-3 hist on lvl5-6.
    4. When you activate down magic and the quickly try to cast up-spell – character jumps slightly for some reason and instead of up-spell it uses air-spell. Frustrating.
    5. If you remove accessory from Reina it will disappear *forever*.
    6. Is there any way to make full focus effect fade out a bit if it wasn’t used within x minutes since was filled? Sometimes I want to keep it for a boss and walking with focus special effect is a bit annoying – it covers 1/10 of the screen and draw attention.
    7. Where is “BREAK” status message?
    8. After 40-60 minuets of continuous playthrough in fullscreen – you can’t ALT+TAB from fullscreen mode
    9. Arrow keys are ALWAYS locked to movement mode and you can’t re-assign them (well, you can, but then they will be executing two actions at once – hardcoded movement + the one you assigned) even by manual ini editing (I used up/lfet/down/right for main actions and WASD for walking).
    10. Any way to add some kind options that allows you to switch between old movement mode (double tap – run) and new one (always run)?

  3. Mitja says:

    Really good demo, game still needs a little bit of fixing some things, like sharper picture, and there are few times, when game starting to lag.

    But anyway if you get on Steam, you have my money ;).

  4. Groomer says:

    Tried the demo, good stuff. You have a good formula that no one else seems to be using these days.

  5. Weekings says:

    This game is awesome bt I think it can be a really great game for the PS Vita!
    Beautiful graphics on a beautiful screen, a huge Beat them all / RPG on my pocket!!!! Look at Hotline Miami!!!

  6. Weekings says:

    I can pay 20 or 30 euros for this PS Vita game

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