The Lost Crew (Part 1)

This update features a number of the lost crew members, designed by our highest tier backers, in action. As you traverse through the city, you may find scattered members of your crew all about. Each member you find regroups back at a Suikoden style base of operations located in the city, and each member has a unique contribution to game play.

Each character falls under one of 3 main types.
Assist: Call into combat to perform their unique action.
Sensei: Teaches the player various skills. (Usually Focus Finishers)
Vendor: Can trade for rare items or Misc. services. Craft/upgrade gear and spells.

(In the order they appear)
Walter- Upgrade dark souls
Shadoboxxer- Melee combo assist
Reize Seatlan- Ranged stunning boomerang assist
Synthie- Rare accessory vendor
Honest Davion- Rare accessory vendor
Dave Mac- Dark weapon smith
Edgar- Sensei (Hurricane Rage Finisher)
Bolverk- Crushing/Freezing melee assist

You can find a full list of the music tracks for VSAC that have been made public so far HERE. Between tracks for Valdis Story, Zack does some cool down compositions to keep from setting himself on fire. You can hear one of his experimental tracks, or a sweet FFVII remix. Some of the experimental tracks will be added as bonus tracks to the final Sound Track.

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4 Responses to The Lost Crew (Part 1)

  1. Shiru says:

    Awesome ! How many characters are in the Lost Crew ?
    Everything looks fine but I think that you should change the skills text color in description.
    Glad to see that weapons can inflict ailments ^^

  2. Altus says:


  3. Mitja says:

    Release date please :)?

  4. solrahlx says:

    I can’t wait to give you guys my money for this game. Missed out on the Kickstarter because of deployment.

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