Valdis Story A.C. Armor Creation Finalist

The entree time for the Armor creation contest has ended and the finalist have been selected. Thank you everyone for all of your entrees, we had fun reading them all. We originally where only going to select 3 finalist but we ended up with 4. You guys really like luck. About 75% of the submissions were luck based armors. There were a lot of entrees from different people that where nearly identical (there were a couple similar to the Gamblers rags finalist and at least 4 different Vampiric Embraces).

The final entrees have been modified/balanced to closer represent how they may work in the final game. Without further delay here are the 4 finalists.

Deadman’s fury by Racer Delux
+3 str / +1 int
-Melee attacks deal additional 1% fire damage
-Gain additional 1% fire damage with each successful melee strike (fury stacks 15 times )
-Loses fury stacks if hit
When at maximum fury, gain 10% life steal and 20% critical damage
Armor forged from the shattered Carapace of a slain demon General. The fiery spirit of the demon still resides in the armor, imbuing attacks with fire magic.

Gamblers Rags by Robert Schiewe
+3 luck / +1 agi
+25% Crit Chance
+15% Chance to get Crit
Landing 3 crits in a row grant “hot streak” (90% crit chance) for 5 seconds.
Taking damage during hot streak will do 2x damage and end hot streak
Each of the gamblers rags previous owners has suffered a grim fate. Perhaps if one was capable enough to survive the bouts of misfortune they could unlock it’s true potential.

Seraphium Vigilant by Yan Zhao
+2 Luck / +2 Strength
+25 Max Hp
+15 Max Mp
+15 armor
Recover 3% of Max Hp each time a demon is slain.
Become silenced each time an angel is slain.
Templar armor blessed by Alagath herself, this armor grants extra vitality upon the user as they cut through waves of demons.

Vampiric Embrace by Brian Kehrer
+4 Strength
+20 Armor
Disperse void magic when hit
Attack power increased by 1 for every 5 Hp missing
While wearing this armor, the wearers health is slowly drained
Black armor that belonged a great demon vampire. Grants incredible strength and protection, but at a cost.


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9 Responses to Valdis Story A.C. Armor Creation Finalist

  1. ARF77 says:

    What are the chances lol. Vampiric Embrace was also a name submitted by me. With similar, but different enough stats/specials. Well played Brian 😀

  2. MageKing17 says:

    I think they should all be in the game, but if I have to choose, Deadman’s Fury is definitely my kind of armor. In fact, I wish I’d thought of it; my idea sounds terrible in hindsight.

    • jusalilpanda says:

      Agreed! It wouldn’t be hard to incl them all, right? But we’re deciding the kudos to the popular-ist of the best!

  3. MetaMythril says:

    Gamblers Rags for me, need the luck to overcome and some mad dodging skills. Good stuff.

  4. joard123 says:

    I think that the other amors are too op of too risky.

  5. Groomer says:

    Crit chance AND chance to get crit?
    Are those not the same thing?

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