Bumm’n Like a Boss.

Hey guys! It’s me, Carolina!
It’s been a while since I made a post. Did you miss me ? ;3
So I figured this is a good time to give an update on things around here. As you might have noticed I haven’t been posting that often. That’s because for the most part this year Kyron has been the one working on our games at home while I went to work and brought home the bucks. It seems to be a good system for development since we live together and share bills. We trade off on who works on the game projects and who pays those hefty NYC living costs! Maybe one day we’ll be able to work on our games as a full time job! That would be nice, wouldn’t it!

So this is me, jobless for the moment and working on the projects I love again! πŸ˜€ I’m very excited to be home!

Haha…. Ok, I am working on stuff!! Really! I’ve been working on some concept art for backgrounds in Valdis Story. I’ll make a new post on Wednesday with some art.


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4 Responses to Bumm’n Like a Boss.

  1. Welcome back! You know, you could save on living costs by leaving NYC. Maybe, say, moving to Madison, Wisconsin? *evil grin* I’m just trying to get free previews of all your stuff before anyone else.

    • Carolina! says:

      Haha! Will you keep us in your garage? πŸ˜€ Kim’s personal game developers! Will make games for food (and cute cat videos)!

      • You laugh, but my garage has a heater and is designed as a workshop. πŸ™‚ It’s also just the two of us plus two cats in a four bedroom, three car garage house! All on just one salary. πŸ™‚ Just try to imagine that in evil NYC….. >:-D

        • Carolina! says:

          Wow. There is nothing like that in NYC. My block is all attached houses with people living above us and below us and sadly we don’t talk to them very much. Also, workshop garage !!! That sounds like so much fun. So you’re planing on taking in two people and two more cats ? πŸ˜€

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