Wyatt got Skills!

This is a quick look at the customizable combat skill trees available to Wyatt as he levels up. These are passive combat abilities that greatly effect Wyatt s offensive, defensive, and magical abilities. The final tier abilities were left out of the video because they effect “Limit Mode” which will be detailed another time. The dark magic abilities seem a little weak in this video because I only had demonic enemies in the game up to this point and they are highly resistant to dark magic.

Here is a rundown of the skills in their current state for those of you who want to know more about the skills (some may change with further balancing at a later date)

Offense Skills:
Tier 1-

  • Tenacity: Attack combos of 4 or greater increase attack damage by 25%.
  • Grip: Increase Attack Damage by 10%.
  • Cunning: Increase critical chance by 10%.

Tier 2-

  • Ambush: First sword attack from stealth has 100% critical chance.
  • Combo Expert: Increases basic attack combo by 1.
  • Tactical Strikes: All melee attacks gain 10 armor ruin.
  • Master Focus: Critical strikes damage increased by 50%.
  • Blade Shred: Critical strikes with a sword attacks will cause the enemy to bleed out additional damage for 5 seconds.

Tier 3-

  • Hidden Blade: After ‘Sheath Cancel’ next sword attack does 200% damage.
  • Raptor Strikes: Attacks while air born deal increased 20% damage.
  • Shatter: Critical strikes have an additional 25 armor ruin.
  • Blood Lust: Recover 2 health per second if a bleeding enemy is nearby.

Tier 4-

  • Assassin: Able to run while stealth. During Limit Mode Critical attacks have a 20% chance regain a Sheath charge.
  • Warlord: Attack damage of strong attacks increased by 20%. During Limit Mode grants a 10% attack damage buff.
  • Berserker: ‘Blood Lust’ will also grants 15% attack damage. During Limit Mode grants a 20% critical chance buff.

Defensive Skills:
Tier 1-

  • Iron Will: Increase magic resistance by 10.
  • Muscle: Increase max Hp by 10%.
  • Toughness: Increase armor by 10.

Tier 2-

  • Black Shield: Reduce dark magic damage taken by 15%.
  • Light Shield: Reduce light magic damage taken by 15%.
  • Regenerate: Recover 1 Hp a second when not in combat.
  • Deflect: 30% chance when hit to block 50% of physical damage.
  • Parry: Blocking just before an attack makes impact will stagger the attacker.

Tier 3-

  • Null Shield: Absorbs one direct enemy spell, will re-charge after 20 seconds.
  • Swift Steps: Attacks dodged using dash moves will recover sheath charges.
  • Recovery: Increase Hp regeneration by 1, and healing received is increased by 20%.
  • Fortify: A successful ‘Parry’ grants a buff reducing all damage taken by 20%  for 10 seconds.

Tier 4-

  • Templar: Spells blocked by Null Shield will recover 15 Hp. During Limit Mode increase magic resistance by 30% .
  • Juggernaut: Increase max Hp by 50. During Limit Mode reduce all damage taken by 15%.
  • Soldier: First attack immediatly following a parry has 100% critical chance. During Limit Mode reduce physical damage taken by 30%.

Magical Skills:
Tier 1-

  • Dark Heart: Increase dark magic damage by 10%.
  • Wisdom: Increase Max Mana by 10%.
  • Spirit of Light: Increase light magic damage by 10%.

Tier 2-

  • Black Blade: Sword attacks deal additional dark magic damage as long as your soul lay in darkness.
  • Affliction: All attack spells have a 20% chance to cause a status affliction.
  • Attuned: Increase mana regeneration.
  • Mana Efficiency: All spells cost 25% less mana.
  • White Blade: Sword attacks deal additional light magic damage as long as your soul is in the light.

Tier 3-

  • Leech: 15% of dark magic damage dealt is recovered as Hp.
  • Ruin: All spells gain 20 spell ruin.
  • Judgement: Killing an enemy will recover 5 Mp.
  • Mana Steal: Melee attacks steal 1 mana.

Tier 4-

  • Reaver: Doubles the power of all status afflictions. During Limit Mode Leech is increased to 30%.
  • Sage: Increase int by 3. During Limit Mode all magic damage is increased by 20%.
  • Saint: Judgement will also recover 10 Hp. If killed During Limit Mode will revive with 50 Hp and 25 Mp.
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4 Responses to Wyatt got Skills!

  1. Aztec says:

    looking GREAT! I love Skill Tier customization.

  2. Jack says:

    I just spent a good chunk of the past two days trying to dig secrets out of the original. Glad to see more will be done with these characters/this concept.

    I will be buying it, no question.

  3. Absolutely beautiful looking game.
    I’ll be following your teams work from now on, I’m officially a fan.

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