Valdis Story A.C. system design

I’m currently working on implementing some of the game core systems and mechanics into the working prototype. The early prototype video that was released showed a small bit of how combat looks and works in Valdis Story A.C. but I will elaborate a bit more in this post.

Leveling up works pretty much the same as it did in the original VS. After gaining the prerequisite amount of xp Wyatt will gain a level and one status point that the player can use as they wish. A new fourth stat has been added ‘Luck’. Luck effects various things such as rare item drops, game events, and other various stats. Another difference is how xp is acquired. You no longer have to pick up an xp orb from a defeated enemy, the xp is given instantly upon the enemies death. The amount of xp, however, is determined by a new combat style system. During a combo you are given a style ranking. The style ranking increases by a number of factors such as the length of the combo, using both magic and melee in a single combo, air juggling, sheath canceling and many other combat techniques. The higher your style ranking is when an enemy is defeated, the more xp it gives. Style rating also effects the rate at which your focus meter fills up.

Focus is a new mechanic introduced into VSAC. When the focus meter is filled Wyatt enters a temporary state where he gains a number of status buffs. The buffs can vary from basic things like Increased attack damage and armor, to very unique abilities like mana steal and a chance to resurrect upon death. The buffs Wyatt attains during focus mode are determined by armor and combat skills. Each armor equipment in the game will have its own unique focus buff. Additional focus buffs can be attained by learning different combat skills.

Combat skills
When Wyatt level up he also receives a skill point to use in addition to the status point mentioned earlier. Skill points can be used in any of the three main skill trees. The skill trees have already been designed but I will go into that in a later post. I can say the skills have been designed to greatly effect Wyatt’s ability and alter the play style by not just giving status boost, but also giving entirely new mechanics unique to some skills.

Those of you familiar with the original Valdis Story demo know that most spell were acquired by defeating various bosses. In VSAC much of the same principles apply, but there a few key differences. Magic is now attained by gathering what is currently being called ‘POWER SOULS’. The souls can be attained by defeating various enemies. When Wyatt starts the game he will have access to ‘Soul of the Saint Lord’ and ‘Soul of the Demon Lord’. These are the basic Angelic and Demonic magical souls. The way the souls work is that when equipped in a slot they will perform a spell unique to the soul and to the selected slot. There are 3 slots, Up, Side, and down and each slot can be activated while spell casting by pressing the up, left and right, or down keys. If the ‘Soul of the Saint Lord’ is in the up slot you will cast a buff that will slowly heal Wyatt over time, but if equipped in the side slot it will fire out a holy damaging projectile. Each Power Soul has its own set of spells for each slot. Finding multiple of the same type of Power soul will increase that souls level. The level alters the effectiveness and mana cost of the spell, as well as determining the number of slots you can equip that soul in. Various souls have been designed with different elements and properties, for example ‘Soul of the Warden’ is a lightning based soul that can cast an chain of lightning, when equipped in the side slot, that can be used to pull distant enemies towards you allowing a number of possibilities such as continuing a combo after launching them away with a heavy attack. All souls fall under the category of light or dark magic.

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  1. Seba says:

    =O I saw your game at PixelProspector and looks very promising! Really impressive! Congratulations! Rarely I saw indiegames with this quality! Keep good work!

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