Quick Legend of Fae Update!

We are still marching our way through the last bit of the game. All the interstitial scenes are in. Caro is going through the scripts now and fixing my terrible programmer grammar. She’s gonna be doing that for a while, fifty stages of me spelling things incorrectly.

Over the past weekend I programed in an ‘Easy’ difficulty. There is still incentive to play the game on Normal because of things that can’t be acquired on Easy difficulty. Also the Faery Folk will call you bad names if you play on Easy.

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2 Responses to Quick Legend of Fae Update!

  1. Moroni says:

    I loved the work of you will seem to be too much to the legend of fae mad to play it! if by chance you guys have to post a demo to see how that is getting this game has turned the sky and the princes ValdiStory nimbus and wanted to see how this is going to be possivil plz! to post the demo

    (I’m not American so I use the translator if it goes bad in a web that went wrong)

  2. Carolina! says:

    Hi Moroni! ^_^
    I think I understand. We don’t have a Demo just yet. We do intend to release one though! Sorry for the lack of updates. We’re trying to keep my word about finishing the game in December and that means very little sleep D’:

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